Stairlift Sunnybank Hills Brisbane

stairlift SunnyBank HIlls

Choosing the right stairlift

Problem: This client had begun to struggle with the stairs in their home and needed a safe solution.

Solution: The Otolift is the best solution for anyone who has difficulty getting around their home because of mobility issues. It provides safe and easy access between floors in your house without needing any help from another person. It’s also perfect for people with limited upper body strength, arthritis or balance problems that make it hard to climb stairs safely on their own.

Features: The Otolift Stairlift is the thinnest curved railings in the world designed specifically for use on stairs with curves or landings. It features a unique design that allows it to fit through tight spaces while still providing plenty of room for maneuvering around corners without compromising safety or stability. This innovative product also comes standard with all the great features you would expect from Otolift including an easy-to-use remote control, automatic braking system, whisper-quiet operation, and more!

stairlift SunnyBank HIlls
stairlift SunnyBank HIlls

Our client had a great experience 🙂

Our client requested a site visit to confirm which stairlift would be the best fit for them. Adrian, our Technical Consultant recommended the Otolift Srtairlift designed with safety and reliability being at its core; it suits the widest range of stairs types perfectly!

The Otolift chairlift is a perfect fit for the glass wall staircase. Not only does it provide plenty of space, but also provides comfort and safety with its red fabric seat!

The stairlift was fitted with a manual swivel seat so that it was both safe and convenient for the client’s needs. They were happy when they could get off at their desired floor without needing assistance going up or down the staircase, which made life easier!


Why do clients choose Direct lifts?

We know what works best for your needs. With over a decade of experience in supplying and installing straight, curved stairlifts Australia-wide, we ensure safe operation at all times as well as providing maximum comfort to help restore independence back into everyday life!

We offer unique design elements that will make sure you are able to enjoy easier access when needed while also making the home more convenient with our technical expertise about how these things work so they can be installed quickly too if necessary.

Supply and Installation
Lift Model:
Manufacturer: Otolift
Category: Stairlift
Premium drive system – Ultra-durable
Single Rail System
Speed programmed to your preference (0.02m/sec-0.10m/sec)
Seat belt – Self-retracting
Safety proximity switches on all edges
Rail Colour – Crème from standard range
Treads: 17x
Type – Indoor
Mounted onto stair treads
PowerPoint – bottom landing
Capacity – 125kg

Rail Design Detail:
Bottom – 90 degree
Middle – 1x special 180-degree bend
Upper Landing: 90 degrees, Flat Horizontal

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