Otolift Stair Lift | Lidcombe NSW

stairlift lidcombe nsw
stairlift lidcombe nsw
stairlift lidcombe nsw

Supply and Installation
Warranty: 2 Year (Excludes batteries)
Premium drive system – Ultra-durable
Single Rail System
Speed programmed to your preference (0.02m/sec-0.10m/sec)
Seat belt – Self retracting
Safety proximity switches on all edges
Reverse Travel with flush footrest finish (Valued $200)
Fitment Side – Right Hand Side (facing up staircase)
Finish: Black synthetic leather upholstery included
Rail Colour – Crème from standard range
Treads: 16x
Type – Indoor
Mounted onto stair treads
Power Point – bottom landing
Capacity – 125kg
Wall Remotes –

Rail Design Detail:
Bottom – 108 degree
Middle – 1x special 180 degree bend
Upper Landing: 90 degree, Flat Horizontal
Approx 6-8 Week Turnaround

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