GiottoHome Lift

giotto home lift
Made in Italy Lifts

Italian engineering with a bespoke cylindrical glass shaft.

Giotto is the lift for round applications, EXTREMELY elegant and glamorous.

It is perfect to be installed in the centre of the room or in a stairwell, where the lift becomes the absolute protagonist of the place and an interior design luxury product.

It amazes your guests and let you enjoy the view from the panoramic lift of your house. It is ideal to be installed inside offices, shops, museums, public buildings where the design and the aesthetics are as important as functionality.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a core value of Directlifts Australia, and a commitment to next generations. Giotto is the round home lift that combines luxury design and energy efficency.

  • Class A certifcation in accordance with VDI 4707-1 norms
  • The traction is designed and manufactured according to Green Energy Principles
  • The ERP system reduces energy consumption when the cabin is empty.


  • Style and design
  • Panoramic cabins
  • Luxury finishes and materials
  • Wide range of solutions
giotto home lift

Made to measure installation

Giotto round lift is completely made to measure: it is designed for round stairwells, even with tight dimensions, and it can be installed indoor or outdoor as panoramic lift. But there is more about Giotto!

  • Tailor made dimensions: starting from a minimum of 130 cm
  • Minimum pit of 10 cm, that can be replaced by a ramp without digging
  • Outdoor metal structure in glass and steel
  • No machine room needed

Take sneak peek at this Giotto round home lift installation

    Round home lift starting from Ø 1600mm

    • Machine Directive 2006/42/CE
    • Duty Load max 300kg
    • Speed 0.15m/s in UE and 0.3m/s extra UE
    • Pit 150mm, Head Room 2350 ÷ 2600mm
    home lift rounded
    Rounded home lift

    Round home lift starting from Ø 1300mm

    • Machine Directive 2006/42/CE
    • Duty Load max 300kg
    • Speed 0.15m/s in UE and 0.3m/s extra UE
    • Pit 150mm, Head Room 2350 ÷ 2600mm
    round home lifts starting from 1300mm
    home lifts in australia rounded

    Round home lift starting from Ø 1900mm

    • Lift Directive 2014/33/UE
    • Duty Load max 630kg
    • Speed up to 0.6m/s
    • Pit 1950mm, Head Room 2800 ÷ 3500mm
    luxury giotto home lift
    L5 home lifts

    Technical specifications

    Specs Technical Data
    LOADING from 300 to 1000 kg
    SPEED 0,15 - 0,30 - 0,60 m/s
    MAX TRAVEL(m) 10m
    PIT from 200 to 1900 mm
    MINIMUM HEADROOM from 2350 to 3400 mm
    MAIN POWER 1,5 - 9 kW 240v; 10 - 40 kW 380v
    DOOR from 600 to 900 mm
    TRACTION OPTION Configurable on request

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