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Considering to install a home elevator in your home?

A home lift will allow you to move freely between the different floors in your home in comfort and style.

Anyone who is having trouble climbing up and down the stairs owing to poor health or a disability can readily benefit from the installation of a home lift or residential elevator. Friends and family will also benefit if carrying bulky goods such as cots and prams from ground level to an upper level. Food and other goods can be easily transported up and down with the touch of a button.

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Residential lifts or vertical lifts are available in a wide range of styles catering for a range of budgets. There are often customisation options allowing you to select the colour, cabin wall finishing as well as the ceiling of your lift to list a few. Above images are from Air home lift that is made in US.

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Requirements for installing a residential lift

Most home elevators require space for a shaft for the elevator to move up and down in. Although there are models on the market that are free-standing and don’t require a shaft, identifying the most appropriate space is one of the key considerations. A residential elevator will also require a space or a pit at the base as well as some extra clearance above. This space is required to ‘house’ the various lift mechanisms. Ideally, it is best to design a house or building with the lift in mind although in most cases it is possible to retrofit a home elevator. Residential lifts can be fitted internally and externally depending on the model chosen. Costs will reflect the model you choose as well as whether there are any structural modifications to the building required.

Depending on the primary purpose for installing a home lift, you may want to consider the number of levels as well as door opening features. The Linea home lift has a maximum rise of 12 metres with 5-6 stops. This hydraulic vertical lift uses a well-proven simple technology that provides reliable, affordable low-cost maintenance and operation. There is no need for ongoing lubrication and the design makes effective use of space. This extremely quiet home lift will smoothly transfer you between floors using an easily accessible control panel. The lift has the option of up to three opening sides, so there is a fit for your situation and particular needs.

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The Linea Home Lift , is designed with both attention to detail and environmental awareness. Designed to meet ‘Green Energy Principles’ developed by the European Union to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in response to the Kyoto Protocol, the Access 12 is manufactured in a factory that has installed its own photovoltaic system making it energy self-sufficient. The use of contemporary tools and materials has created an energy-saving and environmentally friendly small home lift that reduces power consumption and hence CO2 emission by 70%. This access vertical lift uses low electrical consumption whilst on standby, is oil-free, contains no toxic material, and uses only certified steel.

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The Linea lift will fit small spaces with a minimum platform dimension of 50cm and a maximum platform of 140cm. The minimum pit depth is 8cm, although a small 8 cm ramp will easily allow wheelchair access at the ground floor, voiding the need for a pit. The Linea lift has a maximum of three stops. An automatic return to the lower floor, if there is a power failure, is standard.


The Linea can be installed internally or externally with or without a shaft. Both vertical lifts provide a wide range of platform sizes, and a selection of doors, walls, and ceiling lights to enhance your décor and home. Other options to customise your lift include the style of door – manual or automatic, the type of handles, an intercom and the display on the controls and landings as well the option of remote control. Our staff can also suggest solutions to overcome concerns that may be specific to your site or intended usage.


It is best to contact Direct Lifts on 1300 134 011 and have a chat with a member of staff. An Obligation Free onsite visit to your home to inspect the property and discuss lift options is necessary and will provide you with the best outcome. Our staff are trained in evaluating sites and deriving the best fit to meet both the physical space as well as other requirements you may have for your home lift. The installation of a home elevator is a big decision and involves a significant amount of money, so you want to be sure that you have considered all aspects of the installation to ensure you have a lift that works well for you and your home décor.


Be assured that the purchase of a home elevator will provide you with an attractive, reliable, and functional accessory to your home that should give you many years of service. Your vertical or home lift will add value to your home and may in some cases be the deciding point as to whether your property is purchased over another property!.

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