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Replacing an old stairlift in Brisbane

Our task is to replace the old stairlift and put a new one that is more reliable
This old stairlift has been installed for a long time now and is finally about to be retired.

Installing a new stairlift is not as easy or simple as one may think

The new stairlift is installed in a strategic spot. It’s easy to push and pull with the buttons on it, which will be useful for those who are elderly or have mobility problems. The installation is not as easy or simple as one may think – there are many details that need to be considered before and after the installation.

First, safety features such as how the railings will connect with each other need to be addressed;
it should never overlap on any of the stairs on either side.

Second, what type of surface does your outdoor staircase area have?
Some areas require more consideration than others when installing an outside staircase because you want them to look nice for guests while also being safe enough so they can actually use them safely! These two things alone could take hours if somebody was doing this all by themselves but luckily we offer professional assistance from start-to-finish which will help ensure everything goes according to plan

stairlift queensland levant
stairlift queensland

Levant Outdoor has an IPX5 protection

which ensures total protection and resistance against the infiltration of water and dust into the drive unit.
The chair, drive unit and joystick are waterproof, and the rails are made of anodized aluminium and use stainless steel screws.

Thanks to the infrared call & send stations, the stair way is completely free of cables and wires, providing a nice and clean installation. The batteries in the drive unit use a low voltage, and together with the anti-crush sensors they provide optimum protection. Levant Outdoor is operated with a joystick which also functions as a key, allowing you to lock and prevent the unit against unauthorised use.

Levant Outdoor comes standard with an easy-to-clean protective cover allowing you to cover the chair when not in use.

We want to be the best at what we do, and provide you with a service that is second to none.

We are proud of our services and have a great time installing new stairlifts for people to use. We strive on being the best lift service provider possible because we care about your safety when you’re using stairs!
We provide high-quality outdoor stairlift installation services that make sure everyone is safe while climbing up or down flights of steps outdoors.

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Basic Technical Specifications of Levant Stairlift

Feature Specifications
Speed: Max 0.12 m/s
Drive Type: Rack and pinion
Motor Wattage: 280 W
Weight Capacity: Standard: max 125 kg Optional: max 146 kg
Batteries: 2 x 12V batteries; total 24V
Operation: Joystick control as standard
Staircase Incline: 28º up to 53º (28º up to 45º with 146 kg option)
Certification: Machine Directive 2006/42/EG BS EN 81-40
Automatic Stop: Yes
Footrest: Yes
Retractable Safety Belt: Yes

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