It can be challenging to manoeuvre around when living in a small space, especially when you need to get up and down the stairs.
Luckily, many compact home lifts will help make things easier for seniors and those with mobility issues or people living in smaller-sized houses.

We’ve compiled a list of reasonable alternatives for your compact home lifts search.

compact lift australia

The minimum requirement for a compact home lifts

Compact home elevators will not require a lot of space to install.
Most models can fit in an area between 30-37 inches wide and at least 12-15 feet tall.

Most of the home lift companies offer small footprint home lifts that can fit into corners or even right up against walls, custom colours to match with any decor style within your own home and optional upgrades to meet your additional needs.

The installation process is straightforward and requires two experienced technicians, which take around 12-24 hours maximum.

Modern compact home lifts should have the following features:

  • Cabin lock
  • I button ( security key fob to access)
  • Emergency phone
  • Automatic emergency lowering
  • Automatic door opener
  • Ramp

compact lift australia - space saving home elevator

A house lift is an ideal method to add beauty and security to your house while also ensuring that it is safe and accessible.

The benefits of having a smaller house lift outweigh the drawbacks, but not by much.

Compact home lift limitations

  • One user at a time
  • a wheelchair will not fit inside

Compact home lift advantages

  • Increased Accessibility
  • Stay in your home for a more extended period
  • Improved safety
  • A sense of luxury
  • Future-proof your home
  • Increase resale value
  • Peace of mind

Our Top 3 Compact Home Lifts models in Australia

We’ve completed three short-distance compact home lifts projects in Sydney and Brisbane. You’d be surprised at how tiny some of the areas are that we can put an elevator into.

#1 The Air 30 home lift in Merimbula, NSW

compact home lift merimbula

You can have a beautiful compact home elevator in your home with a panoramic view.

The Air 30 home lift fit in this lovely house with a minimum of 750mm of available space.

The Air 30 home lift is the most compact residential elevator globally, but it performs just as well as other regular size elevator systems.
It has a 159kg lift capacity and can rise up to 15m with five stops.

It requires a 32″ finished floor hole cylinder, making this model adaptable, compact and cost-effective suitable for townhouses and
other tight spaces where a traditional lift would not be viable.

Summary Specifications

  • Single passenger elevator
  • 159kg / 350lbs lift capacity
  • External cylinder diameter: (750mm / 30 inches)
  • Eco-friendly 220v, 25 amp (same as your washer)
  • No pit, hoistway, or machine room required
  • 2-5 stops
  • In-line door openings
  • No lift shaft is needed

It’s important to keep in my mind that just because something is little, it doesn’t negate its value or quality.

The Air 30 home lift is Polycarbonate and aluminium finished, which makes it one of the finest on the market today.

More details about the small home lift in Merimbula, Sydney

#2 Compact lift in Coorparoo, Brisbane

compact lift brisbane

The recent compact house lift we recommend for clients with little space is the one we’ve built in Coorparoo Brisbane. 

The platform dimension size of this project is 610 x 1145mm with a shaft size of 1000 x 1200mm.

Because of the restricted space in the house, we were able to devise an innovative method of installing the lift without compromising on safety or usefulness.

Our client selected Flex-e for the following reasons:

  • Minimal structural impact
  • Low construction costs
  • Machine room-less features
  • Low pit and top height compared to traditional lifts
  • Minimal refurbishment
  • Minimal lift shaft needed
  • Swing door

At least 1160mm of space is required for this home elevator to function correctly, allowing the lift and shaft to be properly installed.


 The Coorparoo compact lift has the following specs:

System: screw-driven
Rated load: 320 kg
Speed: 0.15 m/sec
Platform dimensions: 610 x 1145 mm
Shaft dimensions: 1000 x 1200 mm
Floor slab hole: 1040 x 1240 mm
Travel: 3021 mm
RAL 9010 (painted)
Landings: 2 stops
Power supply: 220 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz, C25
Frequency converter: Included
Keyboard language: English
Application: Internal


1 Aluminum with glass (standard) door 672 x 2200 (right, Manual (standard))
2 Aluminum with glass (standard) door 700 x 2200 (right, Manual (standard))

Additional Equipment:
Ceiling with light (LED Spots)
Telephone on the platform
Reinforced guide rails
Platform floor without rubber
One-touch operation
The packaging on the heated wood pallets
Control panel strip colour: Silver

#3 Compact Residential lift in Noosaville

The Noosaville residential lift is an excellent choice for people with little space.

The exterior of the lift seems tiny, but it has plenty of interior room. The super-slim design allows the residential lift to fit into very tight spots.

The amount of open floor space available for the lift is limited to 965mm.

Our Noosaville client selected The Flex-e for the following reasons 

  • Flexible design
  • Low space requirements
  • High level of security
  • Power-saving technologies
  • Smart digital control system
  • Fast and intuitive installation
  • Exterior design options
  • Durable screw drive
  • Wide range of options and accessories
  • Emergency battery backup

Technical Specifications:

System Screw-driven
Lifting weight 250 kg
Speed 0.15 m/sec
Platform dimensions 570 x 905 mm
Shaft dimensions 960 x 960 mm
Platform lifting height 6342
Number of stops 3
Surface (paint color) RAL 9006 (anodized aluminum)

We have several lifts to choose from, including the tiniest home lift on the market with a 30″ footprint. We also provide a variety of customization alternatives to ensure that your new home elevator suits your preferences and interior design.

For decades, local small home lift companies, such as Direct Lifts Australia, have delivered outstanding service in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

We can assist you in selecting the lift that is appropriate for your requirements, space, and budget. We provide an expert installation service, comprehensive aftersales help, and excellent warranties on all of our home lifts.

For individuals who are concerned about investing in expensive equipment without knowing which is ideal for them, we’ve put up this one-minute walkthrough of our Stairlift Finder to make things easier!

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