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Cibes Air

The lift combines timeless Scandinavian design, intuitive function and natural materials to blend in seamlessly with your home and lifestyle. (Ergonomic Handrail)

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The Cibes Air residential lift has an exquisitely elegant design, offering you a unique user experience where form and function work together to guide your senses.

All inclusive concept

The lift is delivered in ready-made modules with everything you need for installation.

Unique ergonomic design

The handrail of the Cibes Air has a unique, intuitive design, which makes use of your natural instinct to lean on the handrail. Just lean on the destination button to travel and relieve pressure to stop.

Minimal building costs

Unlike most other lifts, Cibes Air has no machinery above or beneath the lift and can be installed with minimal refurbishment.

Fast & easy installation

Our space-saving lift concept in ready-made modules can be installed in just a few days and requires next to no building adaptation, compared to conventional lifts.


The Cibes Air residential lift is a space-saving, modular home lift solution,
which is much faster and easier to install than a conventional lift.

  • Available in 11 platform sizes
  • Reduced work & building costs
  • Minimal interruption of your daily life


The great choice of colours and materials makes it easy to tailor the design of the Cibes Air residential lift to your taste and unique sense of style.

  • Design with wood, fabric and metal
  • Close to 300 different colours
  • Lift shaft with panoramic glazing


The Cibes Air residential lift offers you the freedom to create a bespoke lift design, adding beauty, comfort and value to your home.

Flex-e Air Residential Lift

Selected Woods

Wooden materials infuse the room with natural harmony and few things are as soothing to the mind and soul as the sensation of silky wood against your palm.

Backpanel of platform available in:

  • Beautiful blonde oak
  • Honey coloured bamboo

Natural Fibres

Natural fabrics like linen and wool never go out of style. Linen adds cool sophistication to the room, while the rich texture of wool has a warm and welcoming feel.

Backpanel of the platform available in:

  • Light grey wool
  • Light blue linen
Flex-e residential lift

Great Colours

Classic, hard-wearing metals like steel and aluminium, blend in seamlessly with a wide range of decorative styles, whether minimalist, eclectic or traditional.

Backpanel of platform available in:

  • The RAL colour of your choice
  • Cibes Colour Selection

Intuitive Lift Design

From the innovative handrail and safety functions,
to the elegant lift display and LED light effects, the Cibes Air has been designed with the user in mind.

flex-e home lift column

Ergonomic Handrail

The unique design of the Cibes Air residential lift includes destination buttons, which are integrated with the handrail. Simply lean on the handrail to travel.

flex-e home lift column 2

Elegant Safety Functions

The discreet and elegant design of the red emergency stop and yellow alarm button is another unique feature.

flex-e home lift column 3

Innovative Lighting

The LED lights of the front panel and floor safety edges offer you the possibility to add some really cool-looking light effects to your home lift.

flex-e residential lift column 4

Integrated Lift Display

The lift display has a 7” screen with a large floor indicator, covered with semi-transparent mirror glass to create an elegant and futuristic effect.

  • Choose between a wide range of floor designations
  • Characters are available in luminescent green or white
  • The characters move up and down as the lift travels

Design Your Home Lift

Your Cibes Air residential lift is a blank canvas. The great choice of different colours and materials of the Air,
makes it easy to create a lift design that is perfectly in tune with the unique character of your home and the needs of your family.

Flex-e residential lift column 5

Mix & Match

Choose between more than 250 RAL colours or compose your unique colour scheme with the elegant shades of our exclusive colour guide

Glazing Options

(Clear Glass) The lift shaft and panoramic doors are available
in clear glass or in 6 elegant shades of grey, brown or white tinted glass.

Glazing Options

(Light Fume Grey) The lift shaft and panoramic doors are available
in clear glass or in 6 elegant shades of grey, brown or white tinted glass.

Glazed Shaft for Homelift

Glazed Shaft

Glazed Shaft for Homelift 2

Steel Shaft

Glazed Shaft for Homelift 3

Panoramic Shaft

Select Your Lift Floor

For your lift floor, the Cibes Air offers you the choice between 10 elegant safety floors or the possibility to fit your own wood floor or tiles.* Fitting your own floor is a great way to personalise your lift, especially if you want the lift floor to match the other floors of your home.

lift floor 1

Fit Your Own Wood Floor

lift floor 2

Choose A Safety Floor

lift floor 3

Fit Your Own Tiles

Match Your Hardwood Floors

Match Your Parquet Flooring

Floors for lifts

Elegant & Durable Safety Floors

*Tiles /wood floor with a maximum thickness of 20 mm. With this option, the lift requires a 70 mm pit.

Model Cibes Air A4000 Cibes Air A5000
Location Indoor Indoor / Outdoor1
Rated load 300kg 400 kg / 500 kg
Travel height Max 13 m Max 13 m
Min.headroom at top landing 2300 mm 2300 mm
Pit depth2 0/50/70 mm 0/50/70 mm
Platform (w × d) 800×830/1000×830/
1000×930/1100×930 mm
1000×1467/1100×1467/1100×1597/1000×19673 mm
Prefabricated shaft size (w×d) 1160×872/1360×872/1360×972/
1460×972 mm
1360×1509/1460×1509/1460×1639/1360×20093 mm
Cut out sizes (w×d) 1200×993/1400×993/1400×1093/
1500×1093 mm
1400×1630/1500×1630/1500×1760/1400×21303 mm
Max. number of stops 6 6
Travel speed (m/s) Max 0.15 m/s Max 0.15 m/s
Standard shaft Steel panels off white RAL 9016 Steel panels off white RAL 9016
Door configuration Single entry, open-through, adjacent Single entry, open-through, adjacent
Doors Swing doors or gates Swing doors or gates
Clear opening sizes (w×h)4 650/700/750/800/900×2000/2070 mm 700/750/800/850/900/950/1000/1050×2000/
2070 mm
Clear opening sizes, gate (w×h)4 700/800/900×1100/1300 mm (A/C only) 700/750/800/900/1000×1100/1300 mm
Drive system Screw-driven with safety nut Screw-driven with safety nut
Control system Micro computer based system Micro computer based system
Power supply 3×400/3×230/1×230 VAC 3×400/3×230/1×230 VAC
Rated motor power 2.2kW 2.2kW
Machine room integrated integrated
Complies with EN 81-41 / MD 2006/42/EC EN 81-41 / MD 2006/42/EC
Manufactured in Sweden Sweden

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