AscensaPlatform Lift

DDA compliant lifts

Ideal solution to allow users to travel between two floors up to 1500mm

Rated load

1 Wheelchair User + Carer

Drive system
Direct Mounted Hydraulic

Power supply

Travel height
Up to 1.5m


Door clearance
900 w x 1100 h

Door configurations
Auto Ramp, Self Closing Swing,
Automatic Swing

If it’s getting difficult for you or a loved one to manoeuvre steps,
stairs or changes in levels in the home, a platform lift may be the right solution.

Residential platform lifts and elevators provide an alternative to a costly move or major changes to living arrangements.

The Ascensa Platform Lift is an ideal solution to allow users to travel between two floors – able to rise up to 1500mm in height with a weight capacity of 340kg and a 500kg option. The Ascensa lift has been used in Australia to provide access to performing stages and as an entry to buildings, schools, restaurants, cafes, homes/residential and many other public spaces.

Final finishes are a combination of clear laminated glass with a durable powder coat in a metallic grey. Further options include stainless steel and additional colours can also be chosen to match your property’s paint scheme.

Ascensa Low Rise Platform Wheelchair lift is fully compliant with AS1735.14 and also current DDA / NCC 2016 guidelines for disability access to buildings.

Straight through as well as adjacent entry/exit versions are available to suit your building’s layout.

Features & benefits

  • Compliant with AS 1735.14-1998 Lifts escalators and moving walks – Low-rise platforms for passengers
  • Compliant with NCC 2016 E3.6
  • Runs via 2x 12vdc batteries – can operate during a power outage.
  • Height rise of up to 1500mm
  • 340kg Capacity
  • Automatic closing top gate and lowering entry ramp
  • Alarm signal button
  • One touch autodialer
  • Low building preparations required
  • Customisation of colours or stainless finish are available
  • Multiple types of remotes available

Cost effective, dependable and easy to use, the Ascensa is the choice for vertical rises of up to 1500mm.

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