Stair chair lift Chatswood NSW

stair chair lift chatswood
stair chair lift chatswood

Stairlift installed in Chatswood

We installed a stairlift in Chatswood. The staircase was straight, so it wasn’t too difficult for us to install our railings and brackets along the way up.

The Levant stairlift range will deliver a solution for all indoor straight staircase requirements and budgets. Fitted onto your staircase, not the wall, this allows it to be installed quickly, easily with minimal disruption to your home.

It is designed to glide effortlessly along an aluminium track, providing an attractive, elegant and functional addition to your home.

Built using the latest technology by ThysennKrupt, the Levant stairlift range can be fitted to almost all straight staircases as narrow as 740 mm.

Client: Stair lift at Chatswood NSW
Type of lift: Levant Straight Stairlift
Travel Height: 5m STD (Additional track can be added)
Landing:  1 stop
Manufacturer: Made in Germany
Maximum Weight: 146kg

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