Space-saving Residential Elevator

The Direct Lifts team in QLD has installed a space-saving home elevator in Noosaville, Queensland. The amount of open floor space available for the lift is limited to 965mm, and it needs to travel three floors from the garage up to the top floor.

The Flex-e home lift was an ideal choice due to its highly flexible design with an aluminium/glass shaft that can fit almost anywhere. 

The Flex-e Lift is a screw-driven vertical home lift assembled using high-quality materials and designed to meet the characteristics of ultimate performance and outstanding aesthetics intended to be used in private houses, cottages and apartment buildings.

The weight restriction on this building meant we had to use smaller motors, which minimized our footprint while maximizing its load capacity at 250kgs. We also used aluminium with glass for the door type, to make it lightweight and easy to clean and last longer. This installation is perfect because there’s no need for a pit or machinery room as the lift fits within the space provided.

residential elevator noosaville qld
residential elevator noaosaville qld

Benefits of the Residential Elevator

The benefits of having a residential home elevator are that the homeowner will have the ability to move between floors without any difficulty. They can also be used by visitors who may not want to use stairs for whatever reason, making it easier and more convenient for them. It is an ideal solution if you don’t have much space available or your house has limited levels as well!

How much does a residential house elevator cost?

The cost of installation will vary depending on how your house is set up. If you have easy access to all floors throughout, it may be cheaper than one with limited space between each level. It also depends if there’s already an existing lift in place or not! The average price for this type of equipment starts at $30k and goes up from there depending on what features are included with the final product – it can add up fast, so make sure you do some research before committing to anything! 

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residential elevator noaosaville qld
residential elevator noaosaville qld
residential elevator noaosaville qld

Technical specifications:
home lift
System Screw-driven
Lifting weight 250 kg
Speed 0.15 m/sec
Platform dimensions 570 x 905 mm
Shaft dimensions 960 x 960 mm
Platform lifting height  6342mm
Number of stops 3
Surface (paint color) RAL 9010 (painted)

Lift type Inside
Power: Voltage Power supply 220 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz, C25
Frequency converter Included

Type of door
Aluminum with glass (standard) door 700×2000 (left) 1 pcs.
Aluminum with glass (standard) door 544×2000 (right) 2 pcs.
Opening the door
Manual (standard)

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