platform wheelchair lift Zetland NSW

Custom Platform & Railings (white version)

We recently installed a straight platform wheelchair lift for one of our clients. The installation was an easy process, and the client’s response was priceless.
One of the unique features is the variety of styles and finishes to match your interior or exterior theme. Available colours are standard Grey RAL 9006, in classy black, white or custom colour.

platform wheelchair lift Zetland NSW
platform wheelchair lift Zetland NSW

Benefits of having a platform wheelchair lift in your business

A wheelchair lift is a beautiful addition to any business establishment, especially if it involves the general public on some level. When a business is accessible to customers, employees and visitors in wheelchairs or on mobility scooters, it opens up the door for more traffic into that establishment.

The best way to increase the safety in your building is by installing a platform lift. They are exclusively designed for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. It can be installed on any floor of your building that meets the requirements, making it possible for individuals to move up or down the staircase with ease.

platform wheelchair lift Zetland NSW

Space-saving platform lift design

The Ascendor is a wheelchair lift powered by electricity. It’s added to the stairway of any home or business without losing square footage or requiring relocation of utilities. The lift is guided along two parallel rails by a set of rollers, whereby only the lower rail, equipped with teeth is intended for the rack and pinion drive. This allows unimpeded access to the upper rail, which can be put to good use as a handrail. When not in use, it can be auto-folded up against the wall to save space! The smooth start and stop performance ensure that travel is a pleasant experience; our lifts are low-maintenance and their reliability has been proven in everyday life. The operation of the lift is completely battery-operated; the batteries are recharged at the final stations, the lift will automatically switch off after a period of time without use in order to prevent a deep discharge from occurring if it has not been properly parked.


  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Low installation & running costs
  • DDA compliant
  • Straight & curved stairs

Basic Equipment

  • Fully automated control of safety arms and platform
  • Stainless steel handrail & drive rack
  • Emergency call button and emergency stop function
  • Smooth start/stop and velocity reduction in the curve

Technical Specifications

depth overall steps: 2000mm
landings: 2
vertical: 1426mm
height step 1: 178mm
height last step: 178mm
nose to nose: 2456mm
PLG7 Platform Lift, automatic operation
Right hand (as viewed from lower level)
Platform Size: 1210x830mm
Platform 225kg – 300kg Loading capacity
Mounting: Wall

Outside installation
Box for a battery charger for wall installation
-Special platform size incl. gas-spring folding assistance
Electrical power supply:
230V supply line, cable 3×1,5mm²
near the lower or upper step edge

Category: wheelchair lift

Manufactured by: Ascendor Austria

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