Easylift Wheelchair Lift up to 970mm

A cost-effective way to navigate staircases or different levels at home or work

The EasyLift is a cost effective solution to moving between varying levels in your home or workplace.

It is perfect for situations where ramps are too steep or too long, or where a stairlift or elevator is not suitable owing to too small a difference in altitude. Different models will allow transfer from heights of 150mm through to a 970mm rise.

Easy to use, the wheelchair rolls onto the platform and with the press of the button rises to the required height.
It is a versatile and flexible solution – able to be readily moved to different positions as required.

Easylift Wheelchair lift Sydney & Brisbane

From start of 2019 we have a new product on offer – the Easylift 3. Based on the same outside dimensions as the Easylift 2, the Easylift 3 offeres an increased lifting height of 970mm.

This can be achieved through the use of a stronger motor as well as an improved electronic controller. The new controller also allows the use of automatic gate openers for the top landing and radio controls for the landing stations.

Where ramps are too steep or too long – where stairlifts or elevators are needless due to too small a difference in altitude – the Easylift is the optimal solution.

Easylift Wheelchair Lift

With the help of our Easylift models , wheelchair users and physically disabled persons can easily move between differences in altitude of up to 970mm. The weatherproof lifting platform with a total weight of only 95 kg can easily be put up, offering a perfect solution for urgent or temporary needs. The lift can be equipped with a special side entry or exit, upper access gate or transport wheels.

Able to be easily moved into position and ready for use within minutes, the portability of the Easylift will allow flexibility of space within your building. Easy to use via the included remote with a range of options to best suit your requirements, the Easylift Portable Wheelchair Lift can be tailor made as well. The accordion baffle system combined with under platform safety guards will give a level of protection against any possible injuries during the operation of the lift.

Easylift is manufactured in Austria by Lehner Lifts.

A quick introductory video from Easylift on how to operate and use.

Features and Benefits

  • Tailor made solution – A variety of configurations are available so you can customise the lift to suit your requirements
  • Portability and ease of use – Ideal for temporary wheelchair access, the liftboy at only 70kg can be easily rolled into position and be ready for use within minutes
  • Simply plugs into any normal power socket
  • Smooth quiet operation – Electrically operated, the Easylift will not have the noise associated with similar hydraulic lifts involving oil and pump noise

Specifications of Easylift 1, 2 & 3

SpecificationEasyLift 1 EasyLift 2 EasyLift 3
Max. lifting height:595mm830mm970mm
Loading capacity:180kg300kg240 kg
Lifting speed: 10 mm/s10 mm/s10 mm/s
Surface treatment:Powder coated in RAL 7035
Optional any RAL colour
Optional in stainless steel
Powder coated in RAL 7035
Optional any RAL colour
Optional in stainless steel
Powder coated in RAL 7035
Optional any RAL colour
Optional in stainless steel
Net weight:53kg95kg95kg
Power supply:1×230 V / 24 V1×230 V / 24 V1×230 V / 24 V
Total width:810mm924mm924mm
Total length:

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