We have been providing quality home & commercial lifts for our clients throughout Sydney. Every journey has a beginning, a starting point, and ours begins when you press the call button in the lift.
If your building is an apartment complex or office space with multiple floors, we can install more than one lift to accommodate everyone who needs it! Every lift is designed to integrate seamlessly with your home or business.

Our team at Direct Lifts has over a decade of combined industry knowledge across all aspects for Lift Design & Installation Services in Sydney – including commercial buildings which includes office space up to 6 floors as well as a medical centre, schools, banks etc…

We have installed many different types of lifts such as Residential  Or Commercial Buildings In Sydney, Hydraulic & Gearless Platforms, Stairlift, Wheelchair Lifts, passengers & Goods Elevators – Or Machine Roomless (MRL) if required.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Comfortable Lifts at home

We have compiled helpful articles if you want to learn more about how having a lift in your home can make navigating easy!

Compact home lifts

It can be challenging to manoeuvre around when living in a small space, especially when you need to get up and down the stairs. Luckily, many compact home lifts will help make things easier for seniors and those with mobility issues or people living in smaller-sized houses. We've compiled a list of reasonable alternatives for

Home Lift Prices in Australia

A home elevator or also known as a home lift is a great long-term investment that allows you to access all rooms without encountering stairs. But what’s the cost of such an item?
Whether it be for luxury or practical purposes, there are many different types and prices available when looking into buying your own lift.

The Difference Between Gearless & Hydraulic Drive System

As per Australian AS1735 standards and NCC E3.6 all lifts ( home lifts, commercial lift, wheelchair lifts and platform lifts) except Stairway lifts require an active emergency phone that is able to be answered by a help centre 24/7.

Why you should consider installing a home elevator?

Anyone who is having trouble climbing up and down the stairs owing to poor health or a disability can readily benefit from the installation of a home lift or residential elevator…

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