Compact Rounded Home Lift

Our client needed cost-effective access to the top level of their home. They chose Air Home Lift because it is compact, able to travel up 12 meters with 360-degree panoramic view, and does not require a pre-construction pit or hoistway machine room.


Fast Installation

Our technical teams are able to complete the installation in a speedy and quality manner within 1-2 days.

The reason why the client choose Air Home Lift

Self Supporting Elevator
Rests on Existing Ground Floor

Minimal Maintenance
No Annual Maintenance Required (optional)

Eco-friendly System
No Harmful Oils or Lubricants Required

Plug & Play Elevator
220 Volt, Single Phase Power Supply

Factor Certified
Pre-Assembled & Safety Tested at our PVE® Factory Headquarters

Client:  Home Lift installation in Brisbane
Category: home lifts
Type of lift:  PVE Air Lift ( model 37 )
Material Used: Aluminium, Clear Acrylic
Manufacturer:  PVE U.S.A
Maximum Weight:  205kg

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