The new commercial lift is now operational

The technical team from ‘Direct Lifts’ were contacted by the project director for guidance on the best lift solution for a medical centre in South Steyne Manly.

Buiding lift South Steyne Manly

Proven dependability and simplicity

The panoramic lift, which was designed with a dark grey iron coating iron structure, maintains and enhances the brightness and traditional elegance of the area while automatically sliding doors match the lift tone.

Linea goes well with this magnificent building’s entrance hall, which is a testament to the technical and architectural development of the simple goods elevator in a panoramic indoor lift:

Direct Lifts recommended a Hydraulic Linea DDA model due to the proven reliability and simplicity which allows for economical servicing costs long into the future.

Buiding lift South Steyne Manly
Buiding lift South Steyne Manly

Maximising Space

This lift was chosen as well to maximise space and light from the atrium courtyard of the building. The lift structure had to fit to suit directly under the eave, so low headroom and low pit near the ocean was ideal. The structure also suited the sweeping verandahs from the internal of the building and access through corridors whilst a little challenging, our components were the best solution.

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Buiding lift South Steyne Manly
Client:  Commercial lift South Steyne Manly
Type of lift:  Linea DDA Commercial Lift 
Finishing: Stainless Steel
Drive System Hydraulic
Persons 4
Speed 0.3
Travel 3m
Landing operation Automatic
Car operation Automatic
Timeline:   8-15 weeks
Manufacturer:  Italian Made by Nova Elevators

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