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Yacht / Marine Elevators

Easy to Install, Space-Saving Elevators for Yacht + Marine Applications

With it’s minimal footprint, quick installation and plug & play features, Vacuum Elevators are the ideal elevators for any Yacht & Marine Application. With no pre-construction pit, hoist way or machine room required, our boat elevators can travel 2-5 Stops and are custom built to the height of each
Yacht & Marine Application.

Marine Elevator Sydney

Marine Elevator Features

Without the need for a shaft, pit or machine room, these innovative elevators are ideal for retro-fit or new construction marine applications and have been successfully installed in countless Yachts and boats worldwide.

Successful Marine Installations Around the Globe Since 2002

Space Saving Elevators Offer Location Flexibility For Installs

Rests on Existing Ground Floor of Vessel

Plug & Play Elevators Require No Harmful Oils or Lubricants

Elegant Design Offers 360° Visibility While Traveling

Pre-Assembled & Safety Tested at our PVE Factory Headquarters

Space-saving elevator solutions with minimal pre-construction requirements

This boat lifts simply rest on the existing ground floor of a vessel while providing a full panoramic view when traveling between levels. Able to travel up to 5 Stops or 50 feet in total rise, each marine/yacht elevator is custom built to the vessel’s height while adding an elegant design feature that will enhance the boat and capture people’s imagination.

Marine Elevator 37

Air 37 – Yacht Application

Marine Air Elevator 30

Air 30 – Yacht Application

marine Yacht

3 Boat Lift Sizes to Meet Your Needs

With three models to choose from, ranging from a single to a three-passenger wheelchair-accessible model, there is a boat lift to fit your yachts’ requirements and needs.

Fully certified and safety tested prior to installation ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. Our single passenger boat elevator, the Air 30, is the smallest fully certified home elevator in the world with a total exterior diameter of 762mm.

Our two-passenger boat elevator, the Air 37, is our most popular elevator model a total of 939.8mm in diameter. Due to their minimal footprint and ease of installation, these self-supporting elevators can be installed in even the most modest yacht and boat applications.

If wheelchair accessibility is required, our Air 52 boat lift model exterior diameter of 1320.8mm is large enough to carry up to 3 passengers or a full-size wheelchair and an attendant inside.

Marine Elevator Plug & Play

Plug & Play Elevators

Operating off a 220 volt, single phase power supply, these plug and play elevators do not require any harmful oils, gases or lubricants for operation. All three of our air-driven boat lifts do not use electricity to descend ensuring they have minimal power consumption to your vessel. Requiring less energy and maintenance, these eco-friendly elevators provide significant cost savings over time when compared to the regular service and energy consumption required for other lifts. Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, Vacuum Elevators are easy to install, space saving elevators for any yacht & marine application.

Air Marine Elevator 3

Innovative Design: Panoramic Visibility

The panoramic design of these boat lifts offers 360-degree visibility while traveling between floors. An aesthetically pleasing, transparent elevator, the unique design and innovative the technology of these lifts will enhance the value of any yacht or marine application. Easy to install with minimal pre-construction requirements, take your yacht to the next level by adding a panoramic, self-supporting home elevator today!

Yes, it is possible! Please see the minimum requirements or contact us today for more detailed specifications and quotations. Installing an elevator in your yacht or boar can make all the difference. A lift for boats can speed up the time when transporting items from one floor to another. It can also add prestige and additional accessibility for all guests onboard. Practicality and style meet as our Vacuum Elevators will elevate your standard of living and provide a space-saving solution for your yacht.

Installation requirements for a boat lift vary with the size of both your boat and the type of Air model you choose. It is important to do diligent research to ensure you’re getting the right fit and model for your needs.
Before installing an elevator in your yacht, it is important to consider the aesthetics and utility of a boat elevator and how it can improve your overall yachting experience. An elevator for your boat is an upgrade that makes your boat or yacht easier to get around in and move supplies — not to mention how much it will impress your passengers. Best of all, our boat lifts take up a lot less space than you might expect and are fast and easy to install.

Maintenance is paramount when it comes to all aspects of owning a yacht, and elevator lifts for boats are no exception. Fortunately, per our certification, the only recommended maintenance for Vacuum Elevators is after 15,000 rides and is simply to replace the seal above the elevator cabin. While at sea, it is recommended to keep your user manual on hand for your crew members in case any maintenance issues arise.
Installing a boat lift may just be what your boat needs to comfortably navigate the high seas.

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