A rewarding seated stairlift GIFT for a man who gives and gives!

When activist and reputed lawyer Howard Brown faced a life-threatening injury, leaving his leg amputated, we at DirectLifts were fortunate to be able to lend a hand to a deserving individual allowing him to continue his struggle!

Howard Brown is a fighter – a fighter for justice, a voice for the voiceless, endlessly seeking justice for the families who’s lost their loved ones to murder and suicide!

In this journey, to which he has dedicated his entire life; Howard was that shimmer of light that kept most grieving families alive!

But life wasn’t fair on Howard!

A ruptured popliteal aneurism in the leg saw his leg amputated, halting his usual daily chores and his work!

And with a two-storied house, Howard had given up hope in leading a normal life again!

He struggled to get up and down the stairs, and in his words, said,
“a one-legged man doesn’t belong in a two-storied house.”

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But society was not ready to give up on a man who hadn’t stop giving, by all means!

While all his friends and the families he had supported came together to help; it was during this time that Channel 9 reached out to us.

Hearing Howard’s story and the great things he’s done deeply moved us.

A man of this stature shouldn’t be suffering, and that’s when we at Direct Lifts volunteered to provide a seated stairlift for Howard’s house to help him up and down the stairs!

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While Howard left home with his friends, there was a wonderful surprise in store when he came back with our technical team, working in a short span to install the lift in his home!

It was a wonderful moment to see him use our lift to get up the stairs, and we were glad to be a part of this initiative!

We at DirectLifts are sincerely grateful to have been able to help out a deserving individual at the time that he needed it the most!

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Mr. Howard Brown is a victim’s rights advocate lawyer who has been working for three decades to give victims back their voice in the criminal justice system. He tried his first Otolift Stairlift ride making it look easy for him to go up and down the stairs.

This lift meant the world to him – It meant that he could continue living in his home, his mobility unimpeded, and keep on with all the good work he’s been doing!

A fitting gift for a deserving man!

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