RB150Wheelchair Lift

DDA compliant lifts

Modern clean lines with a travel height of up to 2000mm

Rated load
Up to 400 kg

1 Wheelchair User + Carer

Drive system
VVVF Drive

Power supply

Travel height
Up to 2m


Door Opening
950 w x 1100 h

Door Configurations
Right or left swing – Self Closing or Automatic

Modern clean lines with a travel height of up to 2000mm – that’s one of the best features of the RB150 Wheelchair Lift by Direct Lifts Australia.

The RB150 is specifically designed for applications requiring little or no alterations to existing buildings. The open type cabin design offers an aesthetically pleasing solution with brushed stainless steel accenting the modern finish.

Compliant as an AS1735.15 Limited Mobility Lift – Hold to Run Operation Lift the RB150 is the obvious choice for a commercial  installation requiring a wheelchair lift between 500mm to 2000mm.

Durable and reliable the RB150 wheelchair lift is able to be easily installed without the need for a pit/set down – a great solution where excavation is not possible as well as effective cost wise.


  • 24vDC system
  • 400kg Capacity
  • Stainless steel and glass construction
  • 1400 x 1100mm Platform size
  • Top glass landing self closing gate with electrical locking safety latch
  • Emergency lowering
  • Battery backup
  • Emergency autodialer
  • Key On/Off on control panel
  • Controls on both sides for left or right handed use
  • Braille on buttons available
  • Available with or without automatic gates


  • Smooth quiet operation – Electrically operated, the RB 150 will not have the noise associated with similar hydraulic lifts which involve oil and pump noise
  • Installation flexibility – Lift is able to be assembled onsite meaning it is able to be fitted into tight locations where larger one piece lifts cannot fit
  • Low space requirements – No side mounted drive system gives the RB150 the advantage in using a much smaller footprint
  • Extra low voltage system at 24v DC

From in-home consultation to install

RB150 Specifications

Feature Specifications
Typical Use Wheelchair access
Travel From 500mm up to 2000mm
Number stops 2
Maximum capacity 400kg
Platform size 1100 x 1400 (standard)
Travel Speed 0.10 m/s
Cabin height 1100 mm
Gate 950 x 1100mm
Drive type Belt
Controls Illuminated buttons with braille
Safety edge Safety edge-under platform pressure sensitive plate
Handrail Integrated to lift cabin (on both sides)
Control Microprocessor concealed within tower (No external control box)
Floor Anti slip diamond plate or Black Studded Rubber
Color RAL 730

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