Platform Wheelchair Stairlift | Cronulla NSW (RB150)


A new RB150 wheelchair lift in NSW

This past week, our team installed a new RB150 wheelchair lift in NSW. The installation went smoothly as planned and the client was pleased with how quickly we were able to complete it!


With little or no alterations at all

This RB150 lift is specially designed for applications with little or no alterations to existing buildings and has a travel height of 2-3 meters! Its lightweight design makes it easy on the environment while also making it easier than ever before for you as an owner/operator.

There is no pit required either so your building will look exactly the same after installation compared to before which helps prevent damage from occurring in order to maintain accessibility during construction timeframes.

Watch the actual video demonstration of Rb150 Platform Stairlift  installed in Cronulla NSW

Certificate of Compliance

The lift includes a certificate  of “Safe to Operate” and has been installed to the following guidelines and standards:

  • Part E3 of the BCA 2019 Amendment 1
  • AS 1735.12 – 1999
  • AS 1735.15-1998 Lifts escalators and moving walks – Lowrise Low-Speed Constant Pressure Lift -Non automatically controlled
  • BCA NCC 2019 E3.6 – Passenger Lift – low rise lift installed to achieve a compliant accessible path of travel, in
    line with BCA Clause E3.6.
  • Manufacturer’s installation guidelines


Client: New South Wales
Type of lift: RB150 Wheelchair Lift
Materials Used:Top glass landing self-closing gate with electrical locking safety latch
Timeline:  5-8 weeks
Manufacturer:Made in Austria. By Berduva
Maximum Weight: 400kgs

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