Residential Elevator with Glass Door

The newly installed residential elevator in Winston Hills, Sydney consists of 3 stops and a traction system with automatic glass doors.
You can choose among different types of car and landing doors for the Linea home lift, which you can customize in accordance with your tastes
and other style of your home.


Elegance, Made-To-Measure Solutions

A versatile home lift that can be adapted to every property: narrow shafts, dedicated areas indoor or outdoor. Linea Lift is a discreet solution to assist in movement around the house. The cabin dimension varies from a minimum of 500 x 1000mm to a maximum of 1100 x 1400mm. Minimum pit of 200mm which can be created but not necessary.


Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient home lift is an important consideration for our client. The Linea Lift home lift requires low energy and respects the environment, it saves money on the bill and reduces air pollution.

• Class A” energy rating according to the German Directive VDI 4707, for energy efficiency in the building industry
• 95% manufactured with recyclable materials
• The Linea Lift with traction model requires only 0.75 kW, the same as a vacuum cleaner!
• Eco-friendly home lift: the C02 emissions are reduced by 70%
• The Hydraulic Drive allows for exceptional dimensional flexibility
• The Gearless Drive, which does not imply the use of oil, is managed by a Smart-Inverter
• The thermal-break doors guarantee the thermal insulation between the outdoor lift and the inside of the building


Technical specifications:

Lift model: Linea
Category: Home Lift
Speed: 0.30 m/sec
Capacity: 400kg ( Up to 5 persons)
Emergency Phone Type: Autodialer
Landings: 3
Manufacturer: Nova Elevators

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