LineaHome Lift

Rated load
250 up to 500kg

up to 5 person

Drive System
Hydraulic or Gearless Traction

Power supply
Single phase 230 Vac (3-phase 400 Vac optional)

Travel height
Up to 12m

Up to 6 landings

Door Opening
Sliding & Swing door

Reference Regulation

Durability & reliability

Durability and safety are the trademark of the Linea residential lift.  With components collated from Europe’s best manufacturers you can be assured the lift complies and exceeds the worlds most stringent guidelines and standards.

Features include automatic rescue and lighting in case of blackout, infrared light protection on doors openings and overspeed protection. You will never have to fear of being stuck in the cabin.

The commercial grade controller monitors the lift at all times to alert and record any issues so that the highest level of reliability is maintained.

Top comfort at the best price

Linea home lift is lift for those who don’t accept compromises. Exceding your expectations with whisper quiet operation, smooth starts and stops, great lighting and latest low friction technologies create the best ride-quaility in the category.

Manufactured by one of europes largest suppliers provides you with excellent value for money with economy of scale.

Wide range of options and finishes – Tailored to perfection

The 2020 range has completely redesigned line of cabins with a clean and modern selection of various finishes to give your home an unmissable touch.

Two drive systems are available between the venerable Hydraulic or Gearless Traction – The latest in lift technology.

Each lift is designed to suit your preference with most elements being able to adjusted to suit your decor.

Cabin Options

Brilliance, freshness and a wide range of colours create a unique lift car.

From simple elegant styling to a vivid palette blending modern design, your lift can fit your vision with the finest finishes.

Various stainless steel types are also available from Satin to Polished to provide a timeless result.

Door OptionsVaried options to suit your needs

Swing Doors

Available in either manual open with self-closing or powered configurations, a swing door often provides the simplest approach and can be more appropriate in compact scenarios.

There is a varied range to suit your preference in style with selections such as concealed handles, various shades of glass from clear, white frosted, coloured and mirror.

Each door in our range features a 90 degree hold open feature which is especially useful for loading shopping or other goods into the lift.





Super Panoramic


Slim Line


Car Operational Panel

operational panel for home lift

Smart COPFull height scotch brite STS

  • Braille push buttons
  • Alarm button
  • Luminous and acoustic overload signal
  • Door open push button (only with automatic doors)
  • Mushroom STOP button (only without car doors)
  • Emergency light
  • Bi-directional intercom
operational panel for home lift 2x

Smart COPfull height polished Mirror STS

  • Enabling key
  • Magnetic iButton key
  • Position and direction displays
  • Phone dialler
  • Wall phone
  • In-built telephone box (where possible)
  • Display LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) – 15cm / 6”
  • Display TFT (Thin Film Transistor) – 18cm / 7”
car operational for home lifts

Idea COPFull height anodized aluminium

Car Display:
home lift car display

TFT (7”)
Without frame
Dimensions: 154 x 86mm

home lift display screen
Tricolor (5,6”)

With metal frame
Dimensions: 120×60 mm

opera cop for home lift

Opera COP3/4 height anodized aluminium

Push buttons & landing displays:
On the door frame standard

On the wall (optional)

Ceiling options

home lift ceiling

LED DownlightsTrapdoor in Solid or Glazed

home lift ceiling

Opal SuspendedBacklit

home lift ceiling


home lift ceiling

Glass - SuspendedWith LED spot lights

Laminate finishesClick to view larger images

GalleryClick to view larger images

Technical specificationsBelow are the list of detailed information about Linea Home Lift

Feature Specifications
Capacity: From 250 up to 500 kg
STOPS: Up to 6
ENTRANCES: Single, Through Car, Corner Car
SPEED: 0.30 m/s
SHAFT: By Builder or Optional Glass Structure
CONTROL: Automatic
CABIN DIMENSION: Min 600 x 600 to Max. 1100 (L) x 1700 (P)
CABIN HEIGHT (CH): Std. 2100 mm (min. 2000 – max. 2200)
DOOR HEIGHT: Std. 2000 mm (min. 1800 – max. 2100)
HEADROOM: Min 2350 mm/ Swing Door Min 2600mm/ Sliding Doors
PIT: Min. 100 mm to 200 mm
POWER SUPPLY: Single phase 230 VAC (3-phase 400 VAC as an option)

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