Flex-eHome Lift

Highly flexible design with an aluminium/glass shaft.
It can be fitted almost anywhere.

Rated load
Up to 400kg and more

Up to 5 persons

Drive system
Screw driven

Power supply
220-230V, 1phase

Travel height
Up to 12 metres

up to 6

Door Clearance
940 x 2000 (width x height, mm)

Door configurations
Right or left swing, up to 3 doors per landing

Flex-e Lift is a screw driven vertical home lift assembled using high quality materials and designed to meet the characteristics of ultimate performance and outstanding aesthetics. It is designed to be used in private houses, cottages and apartment buildings.

Flex-e Lift can be installed into an existing shaft or its own shaft which is constructed of special multi-layered steel sandwich type panels or glass panels. A maximum of three doors may be installed on each floor with either left or right swing. The doors on the top floor stop may be designed in the form of gates. This type of construction is modern, aesthetically pleasing and gives a clear view of the surroundings.

A uniformly back lit control panel, with a comfortable handle below, contains large buttons. Embossed with symbols, the buttons are at a convenient height for accessing from a sitting or standing position. In case of a power outage, the lift continues to work from a backup voltage source. You can make your own lift solution by choosing from a wide variety of accessories, openers and comfort equipment.

flex-e home lift

Why choose Flex-e home lift?

  • Flexible design
  • Low space requirements
  • High level of security
  • Power-saving technologies
  • Smart digital control system
  • Fast and intuitive installation
  • Exterior design options
  • Durable screw drive
  • Wide range of options and accessories

“Flex-e Lift will enhance your home
& make daily life enjoyable”


The operation principle of Flex-e Lift is based on the screw self-locking gear. A VVVF controlled motor is mounted on the plaform itself and rotates a threaded nut, which moves along a stationary threaded rod thereby smoothly lifting the platform.

The shaft is constructed on the basis of an anodised aluminum frame interconnected with panel type of the client’s choice.Multi-layered powdercoated sandwich panels or laminated glass panels come as standard selections and can be mixed and matched to suit.

“This type of construction looks aesthetic and modern and gives a clear view of the surroundings.” A maximum of three doors may be installed on each floor with either left or right swing. By request , the platform and panels may be painted in any color of the European RAL range.

Flex-e Lift is a standard color RAL9006 (white aluminum).


Flex-e Lift is designed for use by all types of passengers, including the elderly and people with limited mobility.

Able to be fitted in both interior and exterior locations for new and existing buildings.
Flex-e Lift has all the essential qualities of a platform lift:

  • Compact overall dimensions
  • Low 50mm pit or no pit (50mm entry ramp)
  • No machine room or external cabinets
  • Quiet operation
  • Low energy consumption

Flex-e Lift is often installed in schools, offices, libraries, museums and other public areas requiring compliant access with occasional use.

Durable, adaptable and fully compliant with NCC E3.6 for heights of up to 4m as a “Low rise, low speed constant pressure lift – enclosed type”.

flex-e home lift


Flex-e home lift combines timetested design solutions and new approaches to electronic control and fault diagnosis. By using the highest quality materials and components, our task is to increase the longevity of the lift and to minimize the downtime associated with troubleshooting and maintenance. The elevator control system can be equipped with a special diagnostic module that provides the detailed information on the status of all platform nodes and system sensors. The module informs about the usage of Flex-e, including the number of lifts and trip distances.

It also enables to perform the adjustments on the lift operating settings, including speed and smoothness, the height of stops, lock closing time, button modes and much more. With a sufficient expertise of staff a computer may be used instead of a module to implement the modifications and even reprogram the system completely. The diagnostic module helps to perform the functions of the remote monitoring, voice messaging and two-way wireless speakerphone via GSM.

Cost efficiency

The maximum efficiency of Flex-e home lift is achieved by using lighter materials, power saving lighting technologies and selecting a specific electric drive. The electric drive of the lift is constructed on the basis of an electronic frequency converter, which has the best characteristics of power consumption compared to directly connected motors, and enables the adjustment of the speed and smoothness of movement.

Lifts come with either a three-phase or single-phase frequency converter, depending on the capabilities of the present electrical circuit and intensiveness of lift usage. The frequency converter always provides the engine with the most optimal energy supply and prevents any energy wastage at the same time adapting to the grid voltage drops.

flex-e home lift power saving
flex-home lift


The absence of the lift cabin in Flex-e home lift lets us make a spacious and light platform. A standard platform (1485 x 1070 mm) ensures a comfortable journey for a person with a wheelchair and his attendant. The control of the platform is very simple and intuitive, with a stable system to incorrect commands or its subsequences. A passenger may stop and resume the movement at any time of the trip and even change the lift’s moving direction.

The beginning and the ending of the lifting process are performed in very smooth easing algorithms and don’t evoke any uncomfortable feelings for sensitive people. A uniformly backlit control panel, with a comfortable handle below, contains large buttons with embossed symbols at a convenient height for accessing from sitting or standing positions.

platform for flexi home lift

Platform Floor

The platform floor cover is made of rough antiskid material, which is highly adhesive and abrasion resistant. The floor coating material may contain logos, promotional materials or pictures according to our clients’ needs.

led light for home lift

Led lightning

We use the latest LED technology for lighting of Flex-e home lift as it is cost-effective, durable and has a wide palette range. The sets of a large number of LED elements provide uniform illumination and an excellent aesthetic appearance. Energy saving LED lighting may stay on for a long time even in case of an emergency power failure. A backup battery installed on the platform may keep the necessary level of lighting for a couple of hours.

flexi home lift

Reliability & security

Flex-e home lift is continuously improving its vertical screw driven platform in terms of security and reliability indexes. The product reliability is the feature which is beneficial to both consumers and manufacturers. Long time testing has shown that even after 50.000 cycles and more than 600.000 meters of travel the amortization of the main gear was hardly recognizable. The control system of Flex-e lift has passed stringent tests on the impact of the strong external electrical interference and received a certificate of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Technical maintenance service performed a general analysis on the lift design and its schematic solutions, in order to identify any possible weaknesses in security, and came to the conclusion. Berduva is the sole manufacturer of Flex-e home lift based in Europe.

Flexi home lift australia


Conclusion that all measures are fully implemented, confirming the certificate of conformity. The security measures implemented in the Flex-e, comply with one of the most stringent European standard EN81-41: 2010.

Flex-e home lift always fixes itself at an exact indicated position thanks to the triple braking torque system:

  • Self braking torque of a nut and a screw;
  • Electromechanical brake inside the motor;
  • Electromechanical brake on the nut, executed by powerful solenoids.

In case of emergency situations the lift mechanism is supplied with a manual emergency descent. Optionally, the emergency lowering mechanism may be actuated by an electric motor with a backup battery.

Full view of  Flex-e home lift 

See the images from inside and platform looks of Flex-e home lift

flex-e home lift full view
flexi lift platform
platform lift

Features and Benefits

  • Compliant up to 4000mm travel under –  NCC2016 E3.6  &  AS 1735.12
  • Modern aesthetics – Aluminum frame with 10mm laminated glass cladding that can enable a panoramic view for the user. Frame can also be ordered in any custom colours
  • Low construction preparation – Flex-e includes its own self supporting aluminum frame which removes the construction costs of having to build a masonry lift shaft
  • Smooth operation – Electrically operated, the Flex-e will  gently transport the user between floors
  • Installation flexibility – Lift is able to be assembled onsite meaning it is able to be fitted into tight indoor locations
  • Either a 50mm pit or a small entry ramp can be included
  • 1485 x 1150mm Platform size
  • Emergency lowering
  • Battery backup
  • Emergency autodialer
  • Key On/Off on control panel
  • Controls on both sides for left or right handed use.
  • Braille on buttons available
  • Available with or without automatic doorways
  • Audible floor notifications
  • Landing and cabin displays to show direction of travel and current floor
  • 400kg Capacity


flex-e homw lift

Colours customisation

The whole lift can be painted in almost any colour to suit your taste and environment. You can choose from hundreds of RAL pallette colours available.


Platform lift shaft can be assembled using multi-layered sandwich panels and laminated glass panels.

flex-e home lift door type

Different door types

Additional Options

  • Automatic door openers
  • Additional floor indicators
  • LED lighting
  • Extra lighting options
  • Voice announcer, musical theme
  • Jump seat
  • Ramp
  • Electrical outlets for recharging wheelchairs and other equipment
  • Two-way wired or wireless speakerphone on the platform
  • Electronic contact and noncontact keys
  • Remote control


Feature Specifications
Rate load Up to 400kg and more
Capacity Up to 5 persons
Drive system Screw driven
Power supply 220-230V, 1phase
Motor Up to 3 kW and more
Frequency converter Soft start - soft stop comes as a standard
Travel height Up to 13 metres
Landings up to 6
Platform dimensions 1100 x 1400 1070 x 1485 1150 x 1485 or 1100 x 1400 (lenght x width, mm)
Shaft Dimensions 1460 x 1540 or 1540 x 1540 or 1500 x 1540 (lenght x width, mm)
Door clearance 940 x 2000 (width x height, mm)
Gate 940 x 1300 (width x height, mm)
Door configurations Right or left swing, up to 3 doors per landing
Shaft walls Aluminium profiles with glass or steel panels
Standard colors RAL 9010 (pure white) RAL 9006 (light grey aluminum) *any RAL color available as option
Soft start/stop Comes as a standard
Power supply 220-230 V, 1 phase, 40A; 380-400 V, 3 phase, 25A, 50 or 60 Hz
Motor 2.2kw
Noise level Less than 70 dB
Control system Micro computer based
technical safety equipment Safety edge around the the platform, emergency STOP buttons, electronic speed control, overload detector, opening control of doors and locks, electronic control of engine performance

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