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home elevator in QLD

We’ve just put up a home elevator in Sunshine Coast, QLD

In order to provide the best lift for the customer, we first met with him to talk about where he wanted his new elevator installed.Finally, we determined that putting it in the garage and bringing it into the living room made sense because it was easy to access to all when someone required usage of it.

home elevator in QLD

The super panoramic door is a highlight

The super panoramic door is a highlight. It has frosted glass allowing natural light to permeate the cabin providing an ambient, fresh feel for your ride up or down! This type of door allows you to see everyone walking past outside while also maintaining privacy from inside the lift at all times throughout its service life. You will be able to enjoy that part of nature while going up and coming back down again later on during this gorgeous sunny day today!

Another great feature we offer our clients here are Panorama doors which provide full access into either side of the lift carriage while still maintaining a high level of safety. This type of door is available in both manual and automatic operation to suit your preferences, ensuring you will always have full access to this space!

We provide home elevators that include these types of doors for easy flow into either side or out onto your decking area if installed outside on your property.

Added Benefits of a Home Elevator

The benefit of having an elevator is that it provides you with the ability to access both levels and all rooms in your home without needing to use stairs or getting tired after climbing up several flights! This will also help reduce any potential for injury, as well as give you an extra level of convenience when entering or exiting your property.

home elevator in QLD

Elevate Your Home with Linea Lift

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra style and class into your home, then our stylish Linea lifts are just what you need. They can be installed in any location within the property where they will not only suit the aesthetic of your home but also blend seamlessly with existing architectural features! This means that there is no limit to where you can install it – inside or outside on patios, verandas, breezeways…anywhere you wish! Direct Lifts provides contemporary styling which complements interior design schemes across all market sectors including commercial projects.

Customers choose from an extensive range of lift finishes available making their suite lift truly bespoke to suit individual lifestyles while still providing excellent functionality.


Brisbane’s Largest Residential Lift Specialists

We have over a decade of experience working on elevators in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and around Australia’s east coast, and we consider ourselves to be lift specialists, both residential and commercial.

Our Google 5-star rating is a reflection of our hard work and commitment to providing high-quality service.

Technical specifications:

Application: Indoor
Category: home lift
Speed: 0.30 m/sec
Cabinet Required: Large
Cabin Ceiling: 4x Downlight
Emergency Phone Type: Autodialer
Travel: 6222mm
Landings: 2
Manufacturer: Nova Elevator

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