If you have restricted mobility and can only access your house or garden via external stairs – the outdoor stair lift is for you! Sometimes referred to as a chair lift or stair chair, there is a solution for your specific needs.

outdoor stairlift
Outdoor stairlifts

Manufactured in modern European factories using the latest engineering technology and materials, an outdoor stairlifts will give you access to your house, garden, garage or shoreline. Outdoor stairlifts have been specially designed and built to withstand extreme temperature variations as well as rain.

The chair, joystick and drive units are all water proofed.
The rail is commonly made of anodised aluminium or silver galvanised steel. The outdoor stairlifts are supplied with a protective cover and the seats are either UV resistant plastic or vinyl. All outdoor stairlifts require a power supply either at the top or bottom of the stairs and are battery operated. When not in use the seat, arms and footrest fold up compactly, allowing others to use the staircase.

As such an external stairlift is generally more expensive than an indoor stairlift. There is a wide range of straight external stairlifts. Key factors to consider include: the length and gradient of the stair way as well as the weight the stairlift is likely to carry. If the installation is in your own property you will readily know this information. However if the installation is for a commercial application or public application as in public gardens, then it is advisable to seek out the greater maximum capacity lift.

outdoor stairlift

Direct Lifts’ Levant straight outdoor stair lift has a maximum capacity of 146kg (23st).

The covered side positioned rack prevents leaves and other debris from interfering with the carriage as it moves up and down the track.

The plastic folding seat will withstand the harsher climes and the protective cover will help maintain your stairlift.

The lift is controlled by a joystick which also acts as a key to prevent unauthorised usage, and is supplied with two battery operated wireless call and send stations at the top and bottom of the stairs. Installation is on the stairs and anti-crush sensors are fitted to the footrest to stop the stairlift if there is an obstacle in its path.  The stairlift travels at a speed of 0.12M/second making for a safe and reasonable travel speed.


Technical Specifications:

Rate Load: 140kg – 146kg
Capacity: 1 Person
Drive System: Rack/Pinion
Power Supply: 1x 230v10A Power Point
Travel Height: 5m STD (Additional Track can be added)
Landings: 2
Width: 600mm
Seat Configurations: Manual or Power Swivel

Hawle curved outdoor stairlift

If you are looking for a curved outdoor stairlift then look no further than the Hawle Curved Outdoor. Designed to travel the tightest of curves and to fit a wide range of staircase configurations, the Hawle will sit closely to the staircase and provide the user with a safe and smooth ride.

Manufactured in Germany the Hawle stairlift has the highest weight capacity of any of the external stairlifts. At 150kg (23.62st), the heavy duty Hawle Curved Outdoor Stairlift will travel a maximum gradient of 75degrees. It also features an extra long safety belt and wide armrests.


The Hawle also comes in a 125kg (19.68st) model with a standard size safety belt.

The minimum stair width the Hawle can be fitted to is 750mm and the maximum track length is 40metres. The vinyl seat is available in a range of colours and there is an optional swivel seat with left or right hand joystick control, and a switch to prevent unauthorised usage is standard. The stairlift travels at about 0.1M per second providing a safe and steady motion. Two hand sets are supplied as standard, however more can be purchased if required.

Annual servicing is recommended to ensure your stairlift functions well all the time!

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