Hawle curved outdoor stairlift

Hawle Outdoor Stairlifts 

If owing to a change in your mobility you are having trouble getting up and down the outside stairs why not consider the Hawle Outdoor Curved Stairlift?

Manufactured in Germany using quality engineering and contemporary technology. The stairlift has a maximum carrying capacity of 150kg which is hard to beat along with its reliability and robustness.

Features and Benefits

  • Can equally well be installed in old and in new buildings
  • Durable and built to stand the outdoor environment
  • Space-saving parking even in exceedingly narrow spaces
  • Suitable for steep stairs with a gradient of up to 75°
  • Safe mounting even outside of your stairway
  • Track available in silver galvanised steel
  • Vinyl seats available in six different colours – beige, yellow, blue, red, brown and mocha
  • Reliable, economical and powerful

In designing the stairlift convenience, practicality and safety were at the uppermost. The innovative construction and the materials used ensure that you are buying a quality product with inbuilt reliability that should provide you with years of service.

MADE IN EUROPE and used all over the world
Content customers all over the world encourage Hawle in their daily effort to help people to maintain a better quality of life.

Produced under European standards, a high level of quality is guaranteed from production through to after sales service. You should feel safe and confident in our high quality product.

We guarantee a quick, competent service by our friendly and qualified technical staff.

For technical enquiries about any of our products, please  contact our team    who will be readily available to help you at any time!

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