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Why having a Stair lift is a must. One of the most common causes of accidents in the home is tripping or falling whilst going up or down the stairs. As we age our bodies are not as flexible or responsive to sudden change and unfortunately the risk of incurring an injury increases with age. Anyone with mobility issues through either age, illness or disability can gain tremendous benefit from the installation of a chair lift that will safely carry them up and down their stairs. Navigating the stairs will no longer be a source of concern or physical distress; allowing them to go up and down safely without the anxiety of potential injury.

One of the most important benefits of installing your own stair lift or chair lift is that it allows you to remain in your own home and be amongst the things that are precious to you. If getting up and down stairs is proving to be increasingly difficult or impossible a stair lift can make the world of difference to your life. Your stair lift will allow you to continue your former activities leading an active and busy life inside as well as outside your home. You can maintain your independence and quality of life, being able to get out and do the many day to day tasks that are required in this modern world as well as socialise and enjoy time with family and friends. A stair lift will also allow you to transport your shopping and other items such as clothing up and down the stairs as required.

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Often bedrooms and bathrooms are on the top floor and if there is difficulty in climbing stairs people sometimes consider fitting out a bedroom and bathroom downstairs. This is at best a part solution to the whole problem, but clearly works for some people. The other option is to consider moving into a single level home. This can be expensive and very inconvenient having to downsize and get rid of possessions that you value as well as trying to find a suitable location in which you want to live. A stair lift is often the most ‘affordable’ option to either of the above two scenarios and is significantly less expensive than installing a home elevator or changing homes.

If you have external stairs there is an outdoor model that will suit you. Curved and straight outdoor chairlifts designed especially to withstand the harsh and varied Australian climate give you access to your house, garden or garage if on a different level.

Direct Lifts supply and install some of the most contemporary models with excellent design features and quality materials to give you a reliable attractive accessory in your home. Our models will fit most staircases with installation usually taking less than a day. The Levant, Otolift and Hawle stairlifts all feature solid safety features including seat belts and safety sensors for obstruction detection. The track is installed on the staircase and NOT the wall allowing the removal of the stairlift if it is no longer required in the future.

The design of all stairlifts complement the existing décor, with some models allowing a degree of colour customisation. All units fold up compactly when not in use allowing use of the stairway by others. The stair lift can be driven using either a remote or a toggle switch. The remote will allow ‘Call and Send”, so that you can bring the lift back up or down the stairs if you are on another level to the lift.


Finally, your stair lift will give both you and your family peace of mind letting you remain in your home for an extended period than may not have otherwise been possible.

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