Ascendor Stair PLG7Wheelchair Lift

DDA compliant lifts
Ascendor stairlift for wheelchair

Stylish & flexible, suited to fit all staircases
(Indoor & Outdoor Available)

Rated load
225kg (300kg also available)

1 Person

Drive system
Electric/Geared Pinion

Power supply
1x 230v/10A power point

Travel Length
Up to 30m (Further available by request)

Up to 5

Door clearance
Allow for 1550mm clearance in front of loading ramp

Entry configurations
Can enter/exit from up to three sides

Barrier Free World For Generations

The elegant solution to remove your barriers.

Our high degree of planning flexibility and uncompromising service quality ensures the installation, use and after sales support of our modern stair-lift systems is easy.
The use of electronic and mechanical components that far exceeds the standards legally required,guarantee the long-term reliability of our products.

Our claim to provide lift technology “For future generations” has been proven to be true with over 1,032 lifts installed Australia-wide.


The Ascendor Platform Stairlift clearly demonstrates that it is possible to combine elegance and functionality! The increasing number of satisfied customers supports this opinion and justifies our claim that Ascendor manufactures the most attractive stair lifts.

Stylish, flexible and secure, the Ascendor platform stair lift is ideally suited to fit all staircases. Regardless if they are straight or curved, in single or multi-story buildings, in- or outdoor installations, the numerous benefits of our platform stairlift will always offer you the best solution

Space-saving platform lift design

A compact design is one of our guiding principles at Direct Lifts. The slim form of our lifts combined with a folding platform ensures your staircase remains free of obstructions.

Practical handrail

The lift is guided along two parallel rails by a set of rollers, whereby only the lower rail, equipped with teeth is intended for the rack and pinion drive. This allows unimpeded access to the upper rail, which can be put to good use as a handrail.

Comfortable operation

The smooth start and stop performance ensure that travel is a pleasant experience; our lifts are low-maintenance and their reliability has been proven in everyday life. The operation of the lift is completely battery-operated; the batteries are recharged at the final stations. The lift will automatically switch off after a period of time without use in order to prevent a deep discharge occurring if it has not been properly parked.

wheeclchair platform lift

Product Highlights of Ascendor Platform Stairlift

1. Safety bars: your well-being is our
top priority

2. Coloured LED lighting: to further,
improve integration into your building

3. Graphic display: keeps you fully informed
regarding the actual operational

4. Simple, straightforward operation
thanks to sensitive membrane button

5. The electrically operated folding
platform provides maximum comfort
with a minimum of obstruction.

6. Platform underside: can be freely
customised with individual colours
and designs or company logos and
corporate identity.

7. Speech output module: offers additional clarity and information

Ascendor Platform Wheelchair Lift

Do you already know the voice output and the LED lighting on our lift? You can find more information in the video below.

Comfortable operation

The smooth start and stop performance ensure that travel is a pleasant experience; our lifts are low-maintenance and their reliability has been proven in everyday life. The operation of the lift is completely battery-operated; the batteries are recharged at the final stations. The lift will automatically switch off after a period of time without use in order to prevent a deep discharge occurring if it has not been properly parked.

platform wheelchair lift


The integrated handrail blends harmoniously into the lift and has allowed us to produce a particularly slim design

Ascendor 2020 Graphic Display

New graphic display

Will keep you up-to-date regarding the operating status of your lift and gives practical information and advice.

Ascendor Platform wheelchair lift LED light

Colour LED lighting

Choose a colour for the indirect, wraparound LED lighting, improves the individual adaptation into existing surroundings.

Ascendor Platform Lift 2020 slim design

Space-Saving Design

Compact design is one of our guiding principles at Direct Lifts. The slim form of our lifts combined with a folding platform ensures your staircase remains free of obstructions.

Portable handheld remote control

Easy remote control with a push of the button you can summon the lift to the desired landing.

Ascendor Platform Wheelchair lift branding

Personal lift branding

Select one of our design options or present us with your very own personal design, thereby transforming your lift into a work of art, which can blend harmoniously into its surroundings.

wheelchair lift platform

Automated platform & safety bars

The platform and safety rails will easily open and close with the press of a button.

If an obstacle is encountered, the platform has a series of concealed pressure switches that are able to sense an obstruction and automatically stop movement as a safety measure.

wheelchair lift folding seat

Folding seat

Quickly converts your platform lift into a chair lift, a useful addition for people with impaired mobility. Constructed from stainless steel it will carry a max. load of 100kg and offers a 38x38cm seating space.

power unit

Power unit

The compact drive system allows for a sleek slimline design (Only 255mm thick when folded).

Rechargeable battery powered operation guarantees the constant availability of the lift in the case of a power outage. It also allows for additional electrical safety with an Extra Low Voltage 24vDC system.

Secure and vandal proof

Secure & vandal resistant

The onboard controls are concealed by the folded platform which is highly effective in preventing unauthorised use. Each landing will feature a wall mounted pad with 4x buttons to control the lift. In standard form, each pad has a key to enable the buttons to be used.

A key advantage of the Ascendor model over others on the market is that the safety arms fold away within the platform which will avoid possible service issues that other models on the market may encounter with vandalism.

wheelchair lift railings

Double function stainless steel handrail

The high-quality 304 stainless is utilised to serve the lift as well as a clean handrail.

If preferred we can also include horizontal or curved rail ends.

safety panels for wheelchair lift

Safety panels

To increase protection from falling objects or people accidentally reaching through the drive rails, we can offer safety panels designed to fit between the rail supports. Panels can be either glass or any other solid panel.

Stainless steel finish

The lift carriage can be produced in a range of stainless types and materials as well as the option to be powdercoated in any RAL colour.

How to use the Ascendor Platform Stairlift

Using Ascendor Platform Lift Step1

1. Fetching and opening of the lift platform

A push of the button will fetch the lift up to your floor. The safety bars and side mounted loading ramps open automatically. You can automatically open and close the platform with the remote control.

Using Ascendor Platform Step2

2. Get on board

Roll comfortably onto the platform with your wheelchair. Place your finger on the sensor button. The safety bars will be lowered and the ramps are raised automatically. The lift gently sets off in motion.

Using Ascendor Platform Stairlift Step 3

3. Destination

When you reached your destination. The safety bars and side-mounted loading ramps will open for you to alight in a smooth manner.

After use, the remote control can be used to fold the lift away into the space saving parking position. The staircase is once more accessible and free of obstruction

Ascendor Platform Stairlift

3. Enjoy Life To The Fullest

Your mobility and independence At ASCENDOR, we constantly strive to produce the perfect solution to the challenge presented by your personal situation. This goal focuses our efforts and we will not cease in our endeavours until we
have managed to find solutions, which will improve your mobility and freedom. To achieve this objective, we are continually prepared to rediscover our own creativity.

Ascendor Wheelchair Lift

Technical details

  • Standard equipment
    Standard finish in metallic-silver, automatically operated safety bars and loading ramps, stainless steel handrail fitted along staircase, sensor buttons, smooth start and stop function, emergency call button, emergency cut-off switch, automatic speed reduction when the lift negotiates corners, crush protection fitted on sides and underneath the platform, electrically operated – supplied with 4 batteries and recharger, safety handle, non-slip platform surface
  • Safety approval
    EC type approval by TÜV Austria in accordance with the latest EC-machinery guidelines, CE-labelled
  • Flexibility
    Ideal for installation in multi-storey buildings, with stations between levels. Future extensions to the system can be easily added as required
  • Space required
    Total depth of wall mounted and folded lift unit:
    25 cm for straight and 31 cm for curved staircases
  • Standard platform sizes in [mm]
    800 x 800 / 800 x 750 / 800 x 700 / 800 x 650
    900 x 800 / 900 x 750
    1000 x 800 / 1000 x 700
  • Non-standard sizes available on request [mm]*
    1000 x 900 / 1210 x 830 / 1250 x 800 / 1300 x 800Colours
    Standard finish: metallic-silver (similar to RAL 9006)
    All RAL-colours or stainless steel finish are available on request.
  • *Remote control options
    Spiral cable attached remote control unit or
    app for Android Smartphones via Bluetooth receiver or
    2 hand-held wireless remote control units or
    2 lockable, wall mounted remote control units (e.g. for public buildings)
    Operating functions:
    Folding or opening the platform
    Travel in upstairs or downstairs direction
  • Materials
    Stable lightweight steel-/aluminium-construction
    Supporting components made from galvanized, zinc-coated steel
    Covering panels made from robust, scratch resistant, UV-proof ABS plastic.
    Stainless steel finish is available – on request
  • *Upper transport rail
    Stainless steel handrail diameter 42,4mm; free from grease and dirt
  • Lower transport rail for straight staircases
    Stainless steel solid bar, diameter 30mm with milled toothed rack
  • Lower transport rail for curved staircases
    Stainless steel tube diameter 42,4mm with welded toothed rack
  • Drive unit
    24 volt DC operation via 4 integrated, maintenance free rechargeable batteries, automatic recharger included.
    Capacity can be doubled and four additional batteries fitted – on request
  • *Drive system
    Reliable and maintenance-free rack and spur gear
  • Speed of travel
    Maximum speed: 0.15 m/s
  • Noise level
    Less than 63 dB
  • Gradient angle
  • Payload
    225 kg (can be increased to 300 kg – on request*)* Special requests are all subject to additional costs.
Wheelchair Diagram

Commercial photos from supplier

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an immediate answer to this question as the price of a stairlift depends on several factors:

– Is the staircase straight or curved?
– Can the platform be mounted directly onto the wall or will additional support brackets be required?
– Are special construction arrangements necessary to install the lift?
– Do you want to request a special colour finish?

As you can see, the final price of a platform stair lift is dependent on many outside factors and the customers personal wishes.
Please give us enough information regarding your requirements and the finished appearance of your stair lift and we will gladly send you a quotation, free of charge and without obligation!

We can answer this question with a resounding “Yes!”
Our platform stair lifts can be adapted to suit the requirements of electric wheelchair users and can be equipped to carry a heavier payload.

Yes! Our stairlifts can be installed on straight and curved staircases, the space available is the determining factor here.
In order to clarify whether or not it is possible to install our platform stair lift, please get in contact with us.

The delivery time will depend on whether the lift will be fitted onto a straight or curved staircase. For accurate delivery and installation time call us at 1300 134 011

How much time does the installation of the stairlift require?
The duration of the installation will depend on the length of the staircase i.e. the length of the transport rails required and how they need to be fitted (directly onto the wall or with support stanchions) and the how many floors the building has. As a general guideline, you should reckon with an assembly time of approximately one day (8 hours) per storey.

The standard colour of our Ascendor Platform Stairlift is metallic-silver, similar to RAL 9006. A non-standard finish can be delivered on request*, you can choose from a wide variety of RAL-colours. We can also provide our stairlift in an attractive stainless steel finish.

Of course this is possible. In many cases, especially in public buildings it may be advantageous to order a platform lift with a folding seat. This allows people with reduced mobility who are nonetheless not wheelchair bound to surmount staircases and provides extra comfort during travel.

Sometimes a change in medical condition means a stair lift becomes essential. Following consultation with a specialist, you should consider fitting a platform lift if you are; or might become dependent on a wheelchair in the future.

The power supply for the lift is provided by a standard electrical socket. The socket must be situated at the upper or lower end of the drive rail. Four maintenance-free, batteries are integrated into the lift chassis (an additional four can be fitted on request*). The batteries are automatically recharged when the lift is stationary at one of its landing stations.


What will happen if a power failure occurs?
There is no need to worry! Thanks to the integrated batteries fitted into the lift it can continue to operate even in the event of a power failure and travel between floors and stations without restriction.

How is the lift controlled?
The lift can be operated either directly at the control panel which is fitted onto the lift or by a handheld wireless remote control which can be conveniently carried in a pocket. This is the ideal solution for private owners. For public buildings, we recommend the installation of wall-mounted operating units on every landing. The lift can be summoned via these controls and the operating units can be locked with a key and thus are safe from unauthorised use.

Yes, our platform stair lifts are available for outdoor installation and are equipped with an additional cover to protect the drive unit from rain.

How is the platform stair lift driven?
The platform stair lift is driven by a reliable and maintenance-free toothed rack and spur gear. Please note that the toothed rack is only fitted to the lower rail. This ensures that the upper rail is free from grease and dirt and can therefore be used as a handrail.


Yes, the lift can be conveniently stowed away by simply pressing the keys on the handheld wireless transmitter or on the wall-mounted operation unit. When folded away the platform saves space: it only requires a width of 25 cm for straight staircases and 31 cm for curved staircases.

Feature Specifications
Power Plug in charger. Runs on Extra Low Voltage 24vDC via 4x Batteries (Will run in cases of power outages)
Features · Fully automatic operation of safety bars and platform · Hand rail and toothed rack drive rail made from stainless steel · Operating panel with modern sensor buttons · Gentle start, gentle stop and automatic speed reduction in corners · Emergency call button and emergency stop button · Obstruction sensors mounted on all sides · 24V-accumulator operation, recharger included · Anti-skid bumps integrated into surface of platform Space requirements · Between 27 cm and 31 cm in folded position
Capacity 225 Kg and optional 300kg availableg
Speed 0.15 m/s with acceleration/deceleration
Travel rails Clean, stainless steel upper hand rail · Stainless steel tubular toothed rack lower drive rail
Flexibility · Installation in multi story buildings, with stopover points in between · Extensions of the transport rail system can be added in the future
Platform dimensions · 800 x 800, 800 x 700, 800 x 650, 800 x 550 · 900 x 800, 900 x 750 · 1000 x 900, 1000 x 800, 1000 x 700 · 1250 x 800, 1250 x 850
Colour options · Metallic silver RAL 9006 (standard) · RAL-colours on request (optional) · Stainless steel finish (optional)
Control options · Remote control – Lockable control box, mounted flush or direct on wall – Hand held mobile transmitter · Cable attached remote control unit
Materials · Lightweight, powder coated, steel-/aluminium construction · Supporting elements made from zinc-coated steel · Covering panels made from scratch resistant plastic (standard)
Operating angle 0-47°

    A closer look at a few of our Ascendor PLG7 vertical lift projects.

    our vertical lift will integrate seamlessly with almost any residential or commercial spaces, without extensive requirements. check out some of our exclusive installations and get inspired!.

    Lets go. Start your project now

    Get in touch with the experts over at Direct Lifts Australia to receive friendly  and professional advice about stairlifts, home lifts, commercial lifts or wheelchair lifts.

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