Provide Unrestricted Freedom of Movement

Stairs, even short ones, can feel like mountains to someone living with mobility difficulties.
An Ascendor straight outdoor stairlift located here allowed the user to safely access going up and downstairs in the breeze.

Fully Automatic Platform and Safety Bars

Open and close automatically at the press of a button. Obstruction sensors provide additional safety and stop the lift automatically should obstacles be encountered on the stairs.

Double Function Stainless Steel Handrail

The high-quality transport rail also serves as a clean handrail.


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Compliant with NCC 2019 and AS1735.7 and can travel up to 2m.


  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Low installation & running costs
  • DDA compliant
  • Straight & curved stairs

Basic Equipment

  • Fully automated control of safety arms and platform
  • Stainless steel handrail & drive rack
  • Emergency call button and emergency stop function
  • Smooth start/stop and velocity reduction in the curve

Technical Specifications

number of steps: 9
depth over all steps: 2000mm
vertical: 1426mm
height step 1: 178mm
height last step: 178mm
nose to nose: 2456mm
PLG7 Platform Lift, automatic operation
Right hand (as viewed from lower level)
Platform Size: 1210x830mm
Platform 225kg Loading capacity
Powder-coated in standard RAL 9006
Mounting: Wall
2x Wall mounted operating unit incl. key switch

Outside installation
Box for a battery charger for wall installation
-Special platform size incl. gas-spring folding assistance
Electrical power supply:
230V supply line, cable 3×1,5mm²
near the lower or upper step edge

Manufactured by: Ascendor Austria

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