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Gulliver Home Lifts

The Gulliver Home Lift is a hydraulic lift with its own shaft.

It is the result of years of technical research and development with special attention paid to customer needs. The Gulliver shaft consists of a powder-coated galvanised steel structure with infill panels in a choice of glass, steel or laminate. The fact that Gulliver has its own shaft means that there is no need for a masonry shaft. The quality of the materials used and the attention to detail in design means that the Gulliver meets the highest standards of safety and comfort.

The Gulliver vertical platform lift by ThysenKrupp requires very little space and, because there is no header and no need of a separate machine room, it requires no particular architectural changes apart from a 100mm deep pit.

The Gulliver vertical platform lift also complies with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and, depending on the platform size you choose, it also complies with the harmonized European Norm EN81-41.

Your choice without making concessions
Making your home more comfortable, welcoming and eco-sustainable today is possible with the new Orion or Gulliver elevator. Functional, compact, stylish: comfort has a new dimension.

Perfect synthesis between form and function
Gulliver is the elevator that adapts to your needs. Carefully designed car layouts and high-tech components to meet criteria of absolute quality. With Orion or Gulliver you can finally treat yourself to all the style and comfort that you want, enhancing your environment with an extremely captivating and contemporary design object. Compact and functional, Orion and Gulliver are designed to be inserted in any context because each elevator is custom designed and built.

Choose your configurations
Our elevator is available in two models, for masonry shaft and inside a metal structure. Masonry shaft application allows you to camouflage the Orion leaving only the doors visible: sliding automatic or swing, blind or panoramic. Plaster, encrusting or water paints colour the walls of the house separating the cabin from the surrounding environment. The metallic structure will become an element of interior decoration within the environment. Inside and out, the hot galvanised structure, in any colour you wish, will withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. Once you have chosen the type of shaft, the different car layouts will allow you to make your system unique. You can choose the Protection car layout which will allow you to ascend and descend in your elevator without walls, assigning it maximum view-ability with the metal frame structure version, or choose the Cabin layout, to create an entirely new customisable environment within your elevator.

Listen to the silence in motion
The hydraulic system of Gulliver ensures comfort and quietness of movement. Entirely recyclable materials, biodegradable hydraulic oil and 3 kW – single phase domestic current for very low energy consumption while respecting the environment, both during use and on standby. Class A energy efficiency certification has a power consumption comparable to a common household appliance.

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Be Surprised at the Comfort of Movement
A modern control unit ensures a comfortable journey free from bumps thanks to its acceleration and deceleration ramps. Designed and built to last over time with minimal maintenance

Trust in it’s safety
An evolved anti power failure system allows operation of Gulliver Vertical Platform Lift even in the event of momentary absence of electric current, always ensuring return to the floor and opening of the doors. Each elevator is equipped with a telephone ensuring constant connection to the home phone line. The multifunction display, in addition to indicating the position and direction of travel of the cabin, monitors the efficiency of all the safety aspects through state-of-the-art software. Our models have a maximum capacity of 400 Kg and its correct operation is always assured by the load control device that disables operation of the system when the load exceeds the permitted weight.

When design meets technology.
Our home elevators evolved from the desire to create an elevator designed for man and his home, capable of combining all the functionality of a traditional lift with new forms of elegance and design. With Gulliver vertical lift you will be able to combine car layouts, colours and materials to configure your elevator.

Free your style and design the perfect elevator for your home.

Unique, like you
Our models offers a wide range of materials and colours for the cabin walls. You can choose satin and scratch-resistant steel, or textured and plain finish modern walls, or opt for the vivacity of the infinite colours of the RAL range, in a game where releasing your imagination will be simple. Have fun matching the flooring with the lighting, mirrors and handrail of your choice. A plethora of equipment that enhances the quality of your movement, our home elevators now also offers innovative elevator-type sliding automatic cabin doors or folding automatic doors, which will provide you with automatic control from the inside. You can also opt for swing doors, in seven versions, ralpainted, stainless steel, aluminium, in wood or fire-resistant, to choose which effect to give each floor of your house.

The metal shaft is entirely galvanised and powder coated; the structure can be padded with 10/11 natural or coloured visarm crystals, with steel sheeting, abet laminates or refined mdf, to choose the confi guration that is most suitable for your environment. Gulliver is the idea of your space, the perfect union between quality and design, the pleasure in the detail that you will choose.

  • Up to 12m travel with 6 floors
  • Modern aesthetics – Range of 10mm laminated glass cladding that enables a panoramic view for the user. Frame can also be ordered in any custom colours
  • Smooth operation – Dual speed operation gives a ‘Soft Start’ and ‘Soft Stop’ during use
  • Installation flexibility – Lift is able to be assembled onsite meaning it is able to be fitted into tight indoor locations
  • Shaft or Frame – Can be installed into a structural shaft or can be ordered with the lift’s own self supporting frame
  • Swing or Sliding – Two styles of door types with a wide range of variants to suit your decor

Gulliver specifications

Power supply230 ± 10% V, 50 Hz single phase with ground conductor
MotorSingle phase 230 V, 50 Hz; 1.8 -2.2 Kw
Capacitymax 400 Kg
Speed0.15 m/s with acceleration/deceleration
GuideT 70 Section
Max floors6 (six)
Max height12m
Pit depth100mm or not required if using entry ramp
Min headroom2050 mm
Platform sizeOver 50 standard sizes available

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