lift phones

As per Australian AS1735 standards and NCC E3.6 all lifts ( home lifts, commercial lift, wheelchair lifts and platform lifts) except Stairway lifts require an active emergency phone that is able to be answered by a help centre 24/7.

Installation of phone lines can often have issues due to a range of reasons:

  • Delays with Telstra/Phone Carrier making the physical connection preventing the lift from being commissioned e.g delaying certification of building
  • Costs of data contractor to run phone line to the lift
  • Oversight of data contractor to bring a phone line to the lift
  • Phone line being patched onto a line with other services/fax/voip and not working correctly
  • Phone line being patched in with an existing elevator and not working correctly
  • Lift owner/strata not wanting to pay the expense of monthly line rental to a phone carrier
  • Premises has an NBN connection without battery backup. (Possibility phone will be inactive)
  • NBN box requires resets on occasions for phone line to work (Possibility phone will be inactive)

Due to these common issues we have now created the option of a GSM landline connection run via a sim card.

Sim card can either be supplied by the lifts owner or alternatively we can supply a Sim for a monthly rental.

Product Cost
GSM Hardware Supply and Installed $550 inc GST
Annual SIM rental $396 inc GST
24 HR monitoring center Included free of charge if lift is on a Service Contract with Direct Lifts