Dolphin Pool LiftDesigned to enable wheelchair users independent access to a swimming pool

Regain autonomous access to your pool!

Rated load
Up to 120kg

1 person

Drive system
Water Pressure

Power supply
No power required

Travel height
Up to 1220mm

Max Lifting Capacity

In Pool Depth

Necessary Water Pressure
3.8 bar

The POOL LIFT is designed to enable wheelchair users independent access to a swimming pool to enjoy a cool refreshing dip and some exercise.

The Pool Lift is made of stainless steel and is operated by an hydraulic water lift. The clean, curved lines of the lift blend with the surrounds of the pool. This water powered lift is perfect for use in both public and private pools.

Ease and simplicity of operation are the key features of this lift. No attendant help is needed to use the lift. Control levers at the entrance level as well as at the water level means that active wheelchair users can handle the lift without assistance.

The height of the seat can be individually adjusted and automatically swivels by 90 degrees when the seat is lowering or lifting.

The Pool Lift is easy to install and uninstall. No underwater mounting is necessary! The surrounding water pressure is used to power the lift (minimum pressure 3.8 bar). A wheel assembly can be provided to facilitate the removal of the lift for storage whilst not in use.

  • No assistance required
    (independent access to the pool)
  • No underwater fixing required
  • Elegant design in stainless steel
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Applicable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Runs on 4 bar household water pressure

How it works?

A simple operating lever allows the seat to enter the water and raise the user back up to the edge of the pool. The seat rotates through a 90 degree angle allowing the user to transfer to the wheelchair.

Fixing – Version A

Hole with a diameter of 120mm and a depth of 155mm has to be drilled into the floor in which the countersunk socket will be glued or concreted.

Fixing – Version B

Fastening console is screwed onto the surface of the pool edge.

Maximum lifting capacity120kg
Lifting height (standard )1067mm
Maximum lifting height1220mm
In pool depth1050mm
Necessary water pressure3.8bar

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