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Mr. Reg Maddox is finally enjoying the newly installed Otolift Air Stairlift by Direct Lifts Coffs Harbour Branch.

Navigating the stairs will no longer be a source of concern or physical distress, allowing him to go up and down safely without the anxiety of potential injury.

His Occupational Therapist, Colleen F, put in all the effort to get this Otolift Air Stairlift funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

stairlift coffs harbour

Since the only staircase in the house has a 180-degree turn, the Otolift Air can curve around these bends perfectly. The stairlift starts going up with a vertical start, this way the track uses the least amount of space in the hallway downstairs. An extra charge point was installed a few steps up from the bottom.

This allows the stairlift to quickly sent there via the remote and be out of the hallway.

stairlifts coffs harbour

It sits there until Reg calls it back down to use it again. At the top, the footrest finishes flush with the top landing. The chair then swivels around. Here Reg can get off safely and the unit is not taking up precious space. When the lift is not in use it can be folded up with the automatic footrest. Thanks to the Australian building code the staircase is very wide. This leaves a lot of room for non-stairlift-users to use the stairs. The lift runs on batteries that get filled back up automatically when the lift is parked in one of the parking positions at the top or bottom. The batteries allow for Reg to use the stairlift even when there’s a blackout.

A great ‘thank you’ to all people involved.

We wish Reg many happy travels up and down.

Client: Residential stair lift in Coffs Harbour
Type of lift: Otolift Air Stairlift
Travel Height: 5m STD (Additional track can be added)
Landing:  1 stop
Manufacturer: Made in Germany
Maximum Weight: 140kg

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