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Flex-E Home Lift with panaromic Glass4
flex-e home lift in sydney
Home Lift in Rose bay sydney
Case Study:  Home owner requiring a lift with panoramic glass shaft capable of fitting a wheelchair within a minimal space of 890mm.
Type of lift:  Flex-E Home Lift
Material Used: Aluminium and Glass
Timeline:   18 weeks
Stops  3
Maximum Weight: 350kg/ 50mm / 2400mm
Solution A unique residential lift solution was required for a home in Rose Bay – Sydney.

The building featured three floors which were accessed via a common scenario of a staircase which had a void within the centre.

During the home owners research of various lifts/suppliers in Sydney we were contacted.

The problem – larger hydraulic lifts were not able to provide a suitable cabin size for the 890mm void width.

A clear case for the Flex-E lift. The maximum usable platform size is able to be achieved with its tight tolerance within its own enclosed slimline shaft as well as the open platform design not needing the added bulk of cabin walls.

The Flex-E lift enclosed shaft had glass (Range of glass colours also available) panels selected on each side which allowed for the lift to become panoramic feature within the home.


The clear glazing allows light from the top floor to filter down to the lower floors as well as providing an impressive vista upon arrival the upper floor with views of Sydney iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House.


This particular lift also features automatic powered swing doors so if the user is in a wheelchair they don’t have to open or close the door manually.

Home lift Rosebay

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