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Versatile, the Linea DDA can be installed into a shaft or with its own self-supporting frame. The Linea DDA is a flexible option for existing buildings as well as new builds.  With both options the lift can become a feature with the addition of glazed panels incorporated into the shaft design.

Standard Features

  • Choice of two drive systems to match your requirements
  • Animated Displays – Blue illumination standard with other colours available by request (Black, White, Yellow, Green, Red)
  • Energy efficient – Automatic Sleep mode for Cabin Lights
  • Fault Logging provides simple service analysis
  • Return Lift to Certain Floor Possible
  • Premium Commercial Grade VVVF controlled automatic doors by Wittur – Unmatched reliability
  • Adjustable settings for door open/close duration & door speed
  • Emergency Battery Backup incase of power outage – Lift auto lowers to bottom and opens doors
  • Halo Illumination of buttons upon placing a floor call – Red and Blue available
Client: School
Type of lift: Linea DDA commercial lift
Materials Used:Stainles Steel
Timeline:  2 -3 months
Manufacturer: Made in Italy
Maximum Weigth: 400/500kg
CapacityUp to 5 person

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