VenturiHome Lift

Venturi Home Lifts 2020

Compact, Comfortable and Customisable Residential Lift

Rated load
From 250kg

Lift Speed mm/sec

Drive system

Power Door

Maximum Travel

Up to 2 stops only

No wall attachment, shaft or pit required

Minimum Upper Floor Ceiling Height in mm
2180 – 2315

The VENTURI has become the new market leader in terms of elegance and luxury in the home lift market.The Venturi Home Lift is synonymous with quality. Its design stems from a frustration with the drawbacks stair lifts unfortunately present; for example, the Venturi is designed to be as comfortable, safe, and easy to use as possible.

A Stairlift Alternative

The Venturi Home Lift is designed specifically to handle things a stairlift can’t.

It keeps your staircase free of obstruction, it is easier to use, and arguably more comfortable to use than a stairlift.

A Passenger Lift Alternative

The Venturi HOme Lift benefits from its smaller footprint. It’s easier to install, easier to remove, easier to maintain, and less costly than a full-sized passenger lift, whilst maintaining a lot of the benefits of one.

Through-Floor Lift Excellence

Although it is designed to be an alternative to the stairlift and the passenger lift, the Venturi Home Lift is also an excellent through-floor lift in its own right.

Designed with premium materials, longevity in mind, and with it being highly customisable, this lift can make a nice addition for anyone looking to future-proof their home.

venturi Specs
  • Travel up to 3.5m
  • Power door
  • Automatic LED spotlights
  • High quality, illuminated internal buttons
  • Wireless call stations
  • Choice of floor finishes (see below)
  • Automatic internal lighting
  • Emergency manual lowering
  • Battery backup
  • Roof and under-floor protection
Venturi 15 Venturi 25 Venturi 36 Venturi 56
Safe Working Load Kg 250 250 250 250
Usable Platform Dimensions mm 775 x 575 775 x 575 775 x 1195 775 x 1195
Lift Footprint Dimensions mm 920 x 905 920 x 905 920 x 1525 920 x 1525
Lift Length With Door Open mm 1665 1665 2290 2290
Minimum Upper Floor Ceiling Height mm 2180 2315 2180 2315
Mid-Floor Dimensions mm 165 – 385 165 – 385 165 – 385 165 -385
Lift Speed mm/sec 60 60 60 60
Maximum Travel mm 3000 3500 3000 3500

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