Outdoor lift

Residential lift Cibes A5000 is a great way to add comfort, beauty
and real estate value to your home. For Indoor & Outdoor

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home lift A5000 actual lift

Created for your convenience

Residential Lift Cibes A5000 is delivered in ready-made modules for fast and easy installation. The result is a comfortable and elegant lift which you and your family will enjoy for many years

All-inclusive lift concept

The lift is delivered in ready-made modules with everything you need for installation, including the lift shaft.

Works with normal houseold electricity

Just plug the lift in, and it works. No complicated electrics.

Space-efficient home lifts

The passenger platform is 70% of the footprint. A Great use of your space!

Installation in 2-3 days

Our ready-made lift concept speeds up the installation and minimizes the impact on your home.

Bringing  People Together

We design lift solutions for freedom and joy, for you and the environment. Enjoy life at home.

Fits inside a wardrobe

Small enough to fit inside your wardrobe the Cibes A4000 is big enough to make a world of difference to your home.

home lift that fits in your wardrobe

Space-Efficient Residential Lifts

Residential Lift Cibes A5000 is small on the outside and incredibly spacious on the inside. The passenger platform is 70% of the total footprint.

home lift by cibes

Preserve your view

The lift shaft of Residential Lift Cibes A5000 is available in a full glass. A fully glazed lift looks fantastic and preserves all your beautiful views.

Ecosilent drive

Use your lift day and night, as much as you want. Our unique drive system makes lift operation quiet and energy-efficient.

Travel in style

Residential lift Cibes A5000 makes sure that you always travel in style, inside and outside your home.

Outdoor Installation

No room for a lift inside your home? No problem. Residential Lift Cibes A5000 can be adapted for outdoor installation.

home lift colour guide

Cibes Colour Guide

Let Cibes Premium Lift Colors inspire you to make the most of your interior design. We colour you happy.

Download Design Pack

Our exclusive brochure provides the best overview of our features, including Technical specifications and colour collections

CE Marked

Our lifts are type certified by the notified body Liftinstituut B.V. and are allowed to carry the CE mark.

Swedish Quality est 1947

Cibes Lift was founded in 1947 and our lifts have been designed and manufactured in Sweden ever since.

Safe & Easy to Use

Our lifts meet the high and exacting requirements of European safety standards and are safe and easy to use.

Ecolabel Listings

The Cibes A4000 is listed in the database for building products that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Buildings.

Model Cibes Air A4000 Cibes Air A5000
Location Indoor Indoor / Outdoor1
Rated load 300kg 400 kg / 500 kg
Travel height Max 13 m Max 13 m
Min.headroom at top landing 2300 mm 2300 mm
Pit depth2 0/50/70 mm 0/50/70 mm
Platform (w × d) 800×830/1000×830/
1000×930/1100×930 mm
1000×1467/1100×1467/1100×1597/1000×19673 mm
Prefabricated shaft size (w×d) 1160×872/1360×872/1360×972/
1460×972 mm
1360×1509/1460×1509/1460×1639/1360×20093 mm
Cut out sizes (w×d) 1200×993/1400×993/1400×1093/
1500×1093 mm
1400×1630/1500×1630/1500×1760/1400×21303 mm
Max. number of stops 6 6
Travel speed (m/s) Max 0.15 m/s Max 0.15 m/s
Standard shaft Steel panels off white RAL 9016 Steel panels off white RAL 9016
Door configuration Single entry, open-through, adjacent Single entry, open-through, adjacent
Doors Swing doors or gates Swing doors or gates
Clear opening sizes (w×h)4 650/700/750/800/900×2000/2070 mm 700/750/800/850/900/950/1000/1050×2000/
2070 mm
Clear opening sizes, gate (w×h)4 700/800/900×1100/1300 mm (A/C only) 700/750/800/900/1000×1100/1300 mm
Drive system Screw-driven with safety nut Screw-driven with safety nut
Control system Micro computer-based system Micro computer-based system
Power supply 3×400/3×230/1×230 VAC 3×400/3×230/1×230 VAC
Rated motor power 2.2kW 2.2kW
Machine room integrated integrated
Complies with EN 81-41 / MD 2006/42/EC EN 81-41 / MD 2006/42/EC
Manufactured in Sweden Sweden

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